Convergence 2015 Interactive Discussion Topics: CRM 2015 Upgrade discussion

Here are the 15 tips in 15 minutes that we shared as part of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrade Discussion interactive discussion (ID15C350-R1 & ID15C350-R2) at Convergence 2015. 

We wanted to share them in a blog article to those who attended (to reduce the need for notes), for those who could not attend, and help reduce our own need for more PowerPoint slides. For those in attendance, feel free to ask any questions during the last 45 minutes of our session, or come find is in the hallways at Convergence. For those of you who couldn’t attend please feel free to leave a comment.

  1. CRM Online
  2. CRM Version Recap
    • Name Build # CodeName
      CRM 2011 5.0.9688.583 Titan
      CRM 2011 UR 12 5.0.9690.3236 Polaris
      CRM 2013 6.0 Orion
      CRM 2013 SP1 6.1 Leo
      CRM 2015 7.0 Vega
      CRM 2015 Update 1 7.1 Carina
  3. Outlook Client Upgrade
  4. Email Options
  5. Entity Form Upgrade
  6. Custom indexes 2013 & 2015
    • If you have not merged tables – only base table indexes will be preserved
    • If you have already merged tables and you have custom indexes, they are cataloged, then recreated upon your upgrade to CRM 2015
  7. Merge Tables Prior to Upgrade
  8. Legacy Feature Check
  9. Real-Time/Synchronous Workflows (v6.0+)
  10. Business Rules (v6.0+)
  11. Server-Side Business Rules (v7.0+)
  12. Migration Options 2011 –> 2013 –>2015
  13. Evaluation Out of the box Features & Code Retirement
  14. CRM Solutions Import/Export
    • CRM 2011 Imports to CRM 2013 and CRM 2013 SP1
    • CRM 2013 SP1 Exports to 2013 RTM Format
    • CRM 2013 & 2013 SP1 Imports into 2013 SP1 & 2015
  15. Sandbox and Test Instances


Shawn Dieken, Sean McNellis and Daren Turner

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Comments (5)

  1. Luke says:

    Hi, in the convergence session you mentioned a 200 page word document that could be used for training. Can you please highlight the link?

    many thanks                                

  2. Shawn Dieken says:

    Hi Luke-

    The CRM 2015 User Guide, PPT's and videos that I was referring to is part of the CRM Training and Adoption Kit which is available at the link below.  I was wrong on the CRM User Guide size only being 200 pages though.  It's 542 pages! 🙂…/training-adoption-kit-for-microsoft-dynamics-crm.aspx

    Thanks for attending our session!


  3. Oauth 2.0 outlook client MS CRM 2015 says:


    Since MS CRM 2015 outlook client support MFA (Multi-factor authentication). In case of a CRM IFD deployment If we want to use Yubikey with Outlook client as 2nd factor of authentification. How we can achieve that. I couldn't find any documentation integration oAuth 2.0 with Outlook client.

    Appreciate if you can advise on the same.



  4. Shawn Dieken says:

    Hi Ali-

    This question is likely beyond what we can tackle in a comments section on a blog article.  Can you bring this up in the CRM Community instead where there can be a broader discussion?

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community:…/default.aspx

    Here is a link to our documentation on CRM 2015 and Oauth with general information.  We are likely not going to have Yubikey specific information, but with this link and related links you should be able to find the information that you need.…/dn531009.aspx


    Shawn Dieken

  5. Ali says:

    Thanks Shawn.

    I will post the question to the forum.

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