Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013 and 2015 useful Tools and Features

Here are some of the tools and features that we use as a team and see some of our customers using in their environments. We’ll be going over some of these at our Convergence 2014 Customization Tips and Tricks sessions but wanted to provide links for customers and partners to reference.




PFE Core Library for 2011 / 2013 / 2015 (Also available on NuGet) Download
Dynamics CRM Organization Settings Editor Download
CRM 2011 / 2013 /2015 Code Generator for Visual Studio Download
CRM Chart Map for 2011 / 2013 Download
CRM 2013 SDK Download
CRM 2015 SDK Download
XRM Tools Download
CRM Command line Tools Download

Plugin Registration Tool (SDK)


Developer Toolkit (SDK)


Xrm Toolbox


CRM 2013 Quick View Menu


CRM 2013 Dupe Detection


OData Query Designer

Download (included in Dynamics Xrm Tools)

Trace Reader for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Internet Explorer debugger F12


Custom Code Validation Tool 2013


Custom Code Validation Tool 2015 Download

Legacy Code Checker Tool


Sparkle Xrm (CRM 2013 Start Menu navigation)


Integration Tools

Blog Article

Ribbon WorkBench

Info and Download

CRM Command Line Tools


CRM Early Bound Generator Download
CRM Dev Tools 1.1 Download


If you have any other tools or features that would be useful to the community, feel free to provide the details in the comments section.


Update: I’ve updated the list to include recommendations from the comments section as well as adding additional tools that are available.  Some of them were mentioned in our Convergence 2015 sessions as well.



Daren Turner

Microsoft Premier Field Engineer

Comments (12)

  1. Tanguy (MVP CRM) says:

    Thank you for mentionning the XrmToolBox 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comments!  Ribbon workbench was most definitely on the list but somehow was left out on publishing the article, it's going in as an update shortly.  Thanks!


  3. Jim Steger says:

    Great post. Please consider adding Blake Scarlavai's CRM Dev Tools available in the Chrome store. blog.sonomapartners.com/…/crm-devtools-11-is-now-available.html

  4. Lou Bergstrom says:


    Great knowledge sharing – Thanks!

  5. Daren says:

    Do you know if there is an update to the CRM2011JobEditor tool for CRM 2013?


  6. Christo says:

    Hi Abe

    The CRM2013JobEditor tool can be downloaded from here:



  7. Daryl LaBar says:

    I would also highly suggest my Earlybound Generator plugin for the XrmToolBox that serves as a wrapper over the CrmSrvcUtil, allowing for advanced customizations to the generated code, as well as handling connection string creation: xrmearlyboundgenerator.codeplex.com

  8. SSMiba says:

    Try This on…..nice to build code for rest opration create, retrive and all.For my CRM friends……..crmrestbuilder.codeplex.com/…/611361

  9. SC says:


    I think the MSCRM Toolkit also has it's place here, we've been using this tool on many projects !


  10. MSXRMTOOLS says:

    On http://msxrmtools.com you can test FetchXML online without downloading any software for Dynamics CRM online.
    You can also browse Dynamics CRM Metadata online.
    MSXRMTOOLS.Xrm.Page.2016.js JavaScript Library includes all methods for Dynamics CRM 2016 and supports intellisense in Visual Studio.
    Please include this also.

    Other tools are also there for Dynamics CRM development:
    1. Dynamics CRM QueryString Analyzer.
    2. Url Encoder/Decoder

  11. Hardik Upadhyay says:

    There is one more very good tool which works in hand with the tool mentioned in the list.

    Tool Name – Diagnostics Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011/2013/2015

    This generates the file which can be read by – Trace Reader for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Mentioned in your list.

    Use of this Tool: Check the CRM proxy calls and its status on the server. Very helpful for On Premise CRM.

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