“Your organization is not ready yet” error when logging into CRM Online after creating a new organization


Dan Hamre on the CRM Support team recently shared some information with our team that I thought we be good to put out on our blog.

Issue: When attempting to sign into a newly provisioned CRM Online organization, users can sign in but then get the following error message. "Your organization is not ready yet”


Cause: The global Admin who provisioned the CRM organization has not logged into CRM yet to set the Base Currency.

Resolution: Have the administrator who started the CRM trial or subscription, log into CRM and go through the wizard which asks to set the default currency.  This will complete the setup process.

Why is this happening now: Some new customers are encountering this because the signup process does not automatically sign them into CRM as it did at the end of the signup process for Windows Live based signups.  With OSDP (Office 365) based CRM organizations, the global administrator provisions the CRM Organization and then is required to log into CRM to complete the signup.

I am sure we will improve this error message soon, but hopefully this post helps out any customers who may be currently running into this error message.

Shawn Dieken

Microsoft Premier Field Engineer

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