Upgrading from CRM 3.0 to 4.0: Performance Tweak (Workflows)

For those of you that used our workflow feature heavily in 3.0, it's possible that you may have had your CRM 4.0 upgrade timeout while converting workflows.  A good chunk of the upgrade was spent on upgrading records in the 3.0 wfprocessinstance table.  In order to increase the timeout length, many customers added the OLEDBTimeout and ExtendedTimeout registry keys.  While adding these keys can give you more time to complete the upgrade, it doesn't actually speed up the time it takes to upgrade each workflow record.

Now the good news.....

Before upgrading or installing Microsoft CRM 4.0, you have the opportunity to update your installation files by selecting the "Update installation files (strongly recommended)" button.  The update allows you to incorporate many of the fixes that have been released in CRM 4.0 before actually doing the upgrade/install.  One of the fixes that is now available by performing the update allows you to use multiple threads when processing workflows.  There are also several registry keys that are needed in order to take advantage of the new functionality (WorkflowUpgradeThreadCount and WorkflowUpgradeTimeout).  This process should allow you to decrease the amount of time that it takes to upgrade your workflows.  You can refer to KB 958039 for specifics on the registry keys:

To reiterate--in order to take advantage of this functionality, it will be necessary to both update installation files during the upgrade as well as to add the specified registry keys that are mentioned within the KB.

 - Jon Strand

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