PowerShell for NLB: Common Scenarios

Hi,   This is the second blog is our series of posts on PowerShell for Network Load Balancing (NLB).  The first post introduces you to the CMDlets: http://blogs.msdn.com/clustering/archive/2009/10/28/9913877.aspx   Most of NLB CMDlets have the following common parameters.    -InterfaceName Specifies the interface to which NLB is bound  -NodeName Specifies the name of the cluster… Read more

Creating a Cluster in Windows Server 2008

So they asked me to write for a blog.  Well, I’m new here, and what can a new guy write about?  The basics!  But the target audience for this blog is not the faint of heart, so, let’s start with a NEW basic thing for everybody: “Creating a Cluster in Windows Server 2008”.   First… Read more