Follow the Cluster Blog on your Windows 7 phone

Now you can now follow this blog on your Windows 7 phone!  An RSS reader for cluster-related feeds is now available, including this cluster team blog, the cluster Technet forums, and even blogs from Cluster MVP’s.
Keep up to date on the latest Windows Server Failover Clustering news, right on your Windows 7 phone for FREE!


  • Ad-free, fast, no unnecessary graphics, effects, and colors (it uses system colors you set instead of deciding for you), letting you focus on the content
  • Caches content for offline reading for when you don’t have reception or network connection
  • Highlights new entries that you haven’t yet read, or entries that have been updated
  • Allows you to save your favorite entries/posts for quick access, and so they don’t drop off after time
  • Supports display orientation lock and white text on black background for easier night time reading (and to conserve power on OLEDs)
  • E-mail an entry/post to someone, or open it in IE for additional content


On your Windows 7 phone open the ‘Marketplace’ and search for “Cluster Feeds”, where you will find it under news & weather.