Reporting Sites Which are Incompatible with IE11

With Internet Explorer 11, we invested a lot in improving the overall compatibility of web sites. In my experience, the single biggest change we made was to the user agent string. The IE11 user agent string no longer contains the string MSIE. This has turned out to be terrific for sites which used to black list us – we now get the same HTML that every other modern browser gets. However, it’s been somewhat less great (that’s a euphemism for “I want to punch my browser!”) for sites that white list and only provide HTML to a list of sites which is on a white list. I’ve had a ton of success with using the F12 tools and just changing the user agent string to IE10 (or even hand-modifying it to just include MSIE at all), but clearly that’s a burden that a typical user is never going to endure.

We wanted to make things a whole lot easier, and have them work by default. But the web is a big place, so crowd sourcing is a really effective way to figure out where to focus our attention.

We’ve launched a page on modern.IE where you can report sites which have a problem:

We are listening, and working with sites to update (and leveraging compat features in the browser in the interim). Got a problem? Report it! And I may even debug it for your personally. Or, if you’re lucky, somebody who is actually smart will.

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  1. Ian Boyd says:

    It's also been a nightmare for developers. The .NET framework maintains a hard-coded database of browser capabilities in:


    Doesn't think that IE11 supports cookies.

  2. cjacks says:

    Hi Ian – yes, this is known and we're really sorry. I discussed this here:…/troubleshooting-and-fixing-session-cookie-problems-in-ie11.aspx – there is a patch available, and I have assurances from the ASP.NET team that from now on, IE 11+ will be considered a "Generic HTML5 browser".

  3. Mike says:

    As of this morning, YouTube loads and then freezes on IE 11 desktop mode with latest Flash player installed. I can't think of anything that would drive users to other browsers faster than not being able to load YouTube.

  4. Klimax says:


    By latest Flash, you mean 11? Wouldn't surprise me if it was bloody bug in Flash…

  5. Victor says:

    It's also incompatible w/Windows Server 2008 R2-based RDWEB.  Is there going to be a fix for this??  This is a huge impact on our users, many of whom work remotely.

  6. Hank says:

    I'm not a tech nor am I familiar with any of the lingo, but what I do know is that at least three sites that I have frequented over the past five years are now unavailable due to incompatibility issues with IE 11. Further complicating the matter is that none of them have an idea when a fix will be available, and currently the only way to circumvent this issue is to use Google Chrome. Which is fine, if I wanted to use Google Chrome. I don't.

    What's the point of an 'upgrade' if it downgrades my ability to access where I need to go? That wasn't rhetorical.

  7. Al says:

    IE was updated on my computer (running Windows 7) from IE9 to IE11.  None of my real time video network security cams addressable on the Internet will show real time video with IE11 as they did with IE9. Is there a conflict between Direct X which is used by my camera software and IE11?  Since being upgraded to IE11, I cannot access my account or my computers on the website which I use to access my three remote servers (which are running XP) over the Internet.

    The current release of IE11 appears to be junk.  I have reverted to IE9. I want nothing to do with IE11.

  8. Trent says:

    It's a serious epic fail when IE11 is not even compatible with Active Server pages!!

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