Update on the Weight Watchers Mobile Site on IE10

Back in December, I blogged about the failure of Weight Watchers Mobile on IE10, which affects peoples’ fancy new Windows Phone 8 devices, not to mention their Windows RT devices like the Surface RT.

In the interim, I’ve disabled the compat view list on my Surface (there isn’t an option to do that on the phone), but wanted to update you on what I’ve been able to do so far as my surprising email volume about this issue indicates that I am far from alone in feeling the pain of not having a good site to track your PointsPlus.

First of all, I reached out via site support, trying to hit every email address I could find which might be related. So far, the silence has been deafening. (Something to keep in mind: if The App Compat Guy debugs your site for free and sends you the solution, READ THE EMAIL.) So, that didn’t get me very far.

Being fairly persistent, I also found out that Weight Watchers has a Premier Support contract, so I also tracked down their Technical Account Managers and sent them the details. Unfortunately, they haven’t made it any further. (Something to keep in mind: if you pay somebody to help you with technology, READ THEIR EMAIL.)

My persistence remaining, I also reached out to the IE Partner Outreach team. Initially it kind of went into the ether, but there are a couple of reasons behind that. First, it was the holidays, so everyone was stretched thin. Second, they wade through a LOT of email since it’s a very widely published email, and some dude asking for a random site to change who isn’t the site owner doesn’t automatically trigger a response. I found that having a Director of Product Marketing from the Internet Explorer Team CC’d on the email helped. (Something to keep in mind: build your network, don’t annoy them by over-using it, but when the time comes if the only favor you have to call in is “put up with one extra email” then call in that favor and get it done.)

So, m.weightwatchers.com and mobile.weightwatchers.com are scheduled to come off of the compatibility view list on or before February 28, 2013. So, sorry about making you sit tight for a month, but help is on the way even if I can’t get their devs to learn the beauty of x-ua-compatible for getting IE to bend to their will. Keep my honest and ping me if you don’t see it fixed. In the interim, happy tracking!

Comments (10)

  1. Kevin says:

    That's great news…wife has not been happy since the weight watchers site was "upgraded".

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks much for your persistence. Very much appreciated. Trying to deal directly with WW on this issue, at least from the perspective of an ordinary end user, has been about as fruitful as tossing pennies off the edge of a cliff and waiting for them to bounce back.

  3. Kevin says:

    Any word on this?  I still see weightwatchers.com on the compatibility list at cvlist.ie.microsoft.com/…/ieCompatViewList.xml.

  4. cjacks says:

    Kevin – I reached out to the team who owns this list this morning to see what is going on.

  5. Randy says:

    Any word back on this? its killing me to use the old site!


  6. cjacks says:

    Hi Randy – I am writing progressively angrier notes to the team who owns this. After 3 months, this is getting embarrassing. I am sorry.

  7. Allan says:

    Any update on this?

  8. cjacks says:

    Hi Allan – unfortunately, I'm still working on this, and apologize for the embarrassing delay.

  9. Randy says:

    Looks like it started working! I have been using it this morning. Thanks for your efforts!

  10. Allan says:

    Working for me too!!  Started using it last night.  I also upgraded my Lumia 920 firmware last night and used the clear temporary files functionality.  I wasn't sure if it was the clear temp files, the efforts from this thread or both.  No worries though.  Working great!  Thanks for you help!!

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