Aaron Margosis Updates LUA Buglight for Windows 8

Another new operating system means another new LUA Buglight!

My friend Aaron recently released an update to LUA Buglight to support Windows 8. So, for any customers who are still using Windows XP but migrating directly to Windows 8, or those who are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 but chose to disable UAC (so clearly I wasn’t available to come and talk you out of doing that), now you have the chance to help test applications which are failing as a standard user on Windows 8!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with LUA Buglight, it is the best tool out there for diagnosing standard user issues (“LUA Bugs” – hence the name). Why is it the best? Because the approach it uses is to let Windows itself tell you what’s wrong. First, it tries with a standard user token, and if that fails, it tries again with the admin token. If that works, then you have a LUA Bug. (Whether or not it is breaking and therefore needs to be fixed is another story, as discussed elsewhere.) That’s much more precise than trying to be predictive or re-create the logic in Windows, particularly in cases where there is more subtlety than just Users and Administrators.

Oh, and during the dev cycle for the update, I helped Aaron sort out a bug that would affect you over slow links to the corporate network, so this should work even better in situations where you are on a slow WAN connection (or, as I was, on a Cellular modem connected via DirectAccess). It’s a pretty good deal, you see – I gripe about something, and Aaron has to write to code to fix it. A perfect division of labor!

Go and grab it now here:

LUA Buglight 2.2 with support for Windows 8

Thanks Aaron!

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  1. Aaron Margosis says:

    You're welcome! 🙂

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