App Compat Guy Sessions at TechEd North America 2011

Well, the temperature reads 55 degrees, so I figure I can’t possibly be in Hotlanta, but, shockingly, indeed I am! It’s awesome to be here at TechEd North America 2011 and not be sweating! (Anyone remember TechEd in New Orleans last year? What was it, 451 degrees F? I’m pretty sure my paper was spontaneously erupting into flames.)

If you are an app compat nerd, I’ve got plenty of nerdy app compat goodness to sate your appetite for, well, geekiness. Here’s what’s on the agenda (skipping for now the labs I led today, since I don’t have a time machine handy):

Troubleshooting Application Compatibility Issues with Windows 7
Wednesday 18-May, 10:15am

In this session, we will be going geek on Windows 7 app compat issues, answering some FAQs, giving you the nerdiest explanation of shims I can come up with, and going through a series of real world case studies of how we solve application compatibility issues with enterprise apps at real customers just like you. There will be case after case illustrating the troubleshooting process I use. And, oh yes, because it’s a 400-level session, there will be assembly language. Because, if you don’t see assembly language in a 400-level session, demand your money back.

IE9 in the Enterprise
Thursday 19-May, 8:30am
This is my least-technical session (it’s 200-level – I don’t do many of those!) but it’s going to be awesome anyway. Here, we’re going to give you a respite from the Redmond Alternate Reality Vortex to talk to real customers and discuss their experiences deploying IE8 and IE9. Come and join in on our panel discussion, because interaction is encouraged. Fasten your seatbelts, because it’s The App Compat Guy Show. We make learning about IE fun!

Troubleshooting Application Compatibility Issues with Internet Explorer 9
Thursday 19-May, 1:00pm
Last, but not least, we’ll do a nerdy session on IE app compat, focusing less on canned demo apps and more on real world applications, where we will apply a tried-and-true troubleshooting process to understand why web sites have compatibility issues, and what you can do about it when they do. We’ll walk through a number of examples of troubleshooting real-world websites just like yours. Now, since it’s only a 300-level session, you know there won’t be any assembly language. But there will be good clean debugging fun anyway.

I hope to see some of you at my sessions! Feel free to come up and say hi and let me know if there is more we could be doing to accelerate your compatibility testing – I’m always listening.

Oh – and don’t forget to check out my buddy Aaron’s sessions if you’re here!

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