Internet Explorer 9 and App Compat at MMS 2011

For those of you who are attending MMS 2011 in Las Vegas next week, I have a couple of sessions I will be presenting there:

Internet Explorer 9 in the Enterprise
Friday, March 25 10:00 am
Lagoon L

In this session, we will be providing an overview of Internet Explorer 9 for the Enterprise. We’ll summarize the experiences of the TAP customers who have already deployed thousands of seats of IE9, and focus heavily on app compat (the #1 challenge in moving browser platforms). Is IE9 right for you? Come and find out! Will it be nerdy? Definitely.

Windows Deployment Live Game Show
Friday, March 25 11:30 am
Lagoon J

This is always a fun session! We take the top deployment and app compat experts in the world, put them in front of an audience, and then try to stump them with questions so hard that no sane person would ever get them right. Then, they see how many of them we get right. If you want to close out MMS by watching geeks squirm, then this is your session. I’ve won at the past 2 conferences (TechEd Europe and TechReady 12) – it’s about time someone stepped up and put me in my place…

Hope to see some of you there!

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