Using Virtual PC 2004 Additions to Enhance the Windows 2000 Guest Experience on Windows Virtual PC

A helpful tip I figured I would pass along…

I keep copies of various older Microsoft operating systems around. Some of them I keep around for fun (occasionally I get a laugh from the old-timers when I pull out a copy of Microsoft Bob on Windows 95), but I try to maintain copies of Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista that are fairly up-to-date because I have worked with customers who have each. While Windows XP and Windows Vista have fairly robust support in Windows Virtual PC, Windows 2000 … well, not so much. The Virtual PC additions don’t work so hot.

However, I found this article discussing how to pull the old Virtual PC 2004 additions for use in DOS, and wondered – what would the ISO for the Windows VPC additions from VPC 2004 do for my Windows 2000 VPCs?

It turns out it brings back the mouse integration, so no more fancy keyboard combinations to escape from the mouse capture. Not as elegant as the seamless integration we have for newer operating systems, but at least it brings the experience back to what it used to be. Nice.

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