Self Cleaning Load Test Database

I ran into an issue where I was running out of storage on the Load Test Repository DB. I knew that there were a ton of old aborted runs and other runs I didn’t need. It would have taken hours to sort through them all and delete just the aborted runs because of the number…


High Value Scenarios – 4-Step Load Test

High Value Scenarios consist of multiple elements that can help to describe attributes of an applications performance effectively. There are a few different scenarios that I use on a day to day basis, which provide excellent analysis points. In this post, I will attempt to explain one of the scenarios, how to build it, how…


Great MSDN Blogs for Testers Using VSTS

Hi, I’m just going to post a bunch of redirects here to help you find other testing resources. This blog is brought to you by the team developing the testing capabilities in Visual Studio. This is a blog that my team puts out monthly, it contains various performance and testing information.


Four Traits of Great Performance Testers

Whether you are a hiring manager looking for the right candidate or a current performance tester who wants to become better, these four traits will help. Passion in technology My first question in every interview is “What is the reason you perused a career in the IT field?”. This filters out people who are not…


Dependent Request Extraction VSTS

Sometimes your extraction fails because what you are looking for is returned in a dependent request. Here is a plug-in you can use to scan dependent requests. You can adjust the below example to search the body or headers by changing “string body = e.Response.Headers.ToString();”. In the example the plugin is searching headers only.        [Description(“Extracts Text from the…


Calculating vUsers for a Scenario Using “Test Mix Based on User Pace”

Load Test vUser Models in Visual Studio Using think time for pacing Test mix based on sequential test order Test mix based on number of tests started Test mix percentage on the number of vUsers starting tests These load test mix models will run tests as fast as possible given a set number of virtual…


Automate Your Tests for Agile

     The prevailing wisdom a few years back was that performance testing doesn’t fit into an Agile environment. I disagree with that idea wholeheartedly, and recognize that performance testing done correctly can work even with Agile teams. I have seen members of my team add performance tests into the CI Pipeline and perform continuous testing….


Load Test Network Connection Monitoring

Questions around how to understand the number of connections an application is using have always existed, and have become important for various reasons over the years. There was one instance that changed my perspective on monitoring active and inactive network connections. It was an application which used an Oracle backend. At the time we were…


Adjustable Think Time For Dynamic Polling Requests

     So, you just recorded your script and see a polling request from the browser and if that isn’t painful enough you also notice that the time between requests changes. Never fear, we have a plug-in for that.         First, let’s deal with the pesky polling request by using the built-in loops and extraction rules. This…


Little’s Law and How It Impacts Load Testers 

     Load testing is all about queuing, and servicing the queues. The main goals in our tests are parts of the formula itself. For Example: the response times for a test is equivalent to service times of a queue, load balancing with multiple servers is the same as queue concurrency. Even when we look at…