Project Server February 2015 Round-up

That was a short month literarily as well as metaphorically – it flew by.  One of the highlights of the month was Adrian reaching an amazing milestone of 25 years working for Microsoft – and here he is getting presented with a very large crystal by our manager, Larry.


Also in February, the first of the ‘Public Updates’ in place of the Cumulative Updates happened - Microsoft Project Server 2010 and 2013 February 2015 PU Announcement – and for the server products that will also be the last that gets delivered via Windows Update.  The updates for the clients will still be available via Windows Update – but we listened, and it doesn’t make sense for the server products to have these just happen (you still need to run the configuration wizard even if the bits get loaded automagically) – so they will only be available via the Download Center going forward.

I’ll highlight one specific blog as I was going to write something but Paul Mather beat me to it - #ProjectOnline Users and Resources #PPM #Project – we have a bug that allows you to uncheck a user account to say they should not be assigned as a resource – you should NOT be able to do this, so please read the blog and avoid unchecking this.  Fix coming…

A round up of the Project blogosphere, and first my support colleagues in Europe:

Marc and Maelle have been busy – not just with the TechDays in Paris – but blogs too:

Jorge has been extra busy!

MVPs and beyond:

Alexander Rodov posted about a useful query he had found to check permissions - Users with direct Project Permissions, and don’t forget we also have the Check Effective Rights option right on the Manage Users page.

Andrew Lavinsky posted about an upcoming webinar - [Utilities] PMO Strategies & Capital Investment Governance Webinar

Guillaume Rouyre was at the Paris TechDays – and covered the O365 Roadmap - Project focus, as well as other blogs on Tip for resource forecasting- show assignment units as a decimal and New filtering feature in Excel 2013 - the timeline!

Michael Wharton had some great advice - Don't run Distributed Cache Service with Project Server Service.

Nenad Trajkovski had a good blogging month too – with these four client issues:

A couple more client tips from Oleksiy Prosnitskyy’s blog - How in Microsoft Project create link to the element in Microsoft Word and How to export timephased data from Microsoft Project to Excel

As well as the blog mentioned above, Paul Mather posted a useful script example - #ProjectServer #Project Cost and Work Report #JavaScript #jQuery #Office365 #SharePoint #BI #PP.

Prasanna Adavi posted a Trick- Add a link to Project Site from Project Center, and another article of the themes in Project Online and how to get back to ‘Project’ - Where is the default theme in project Online-

And I thought I’d updated the link to Treb Gatte’s blog – but either it reverted or I only did it in my head – but several Thursday tech tips, and I will get this changed soon Treb!

Erik van Hurck was writing about Units in February - Using units instead of the resource calendar and Units vs Peak units in Microsoft Project

And finally, another script example, this time to get a better display of the Project Sites webpart – from Elli Johnston Correct the Hideous, Unreadable, Overlapping, Fixed Width Project Sites Webpart

Comments (2)

  1. Marc and Maelle from France says:

    Congratulations Adrian !!!! That's amazing how the Project Support keep you so youngs, guys 🙂

  2. Imma Strassburg says:

    Congratulation from the old ex-Support Team (SabineSc; Stefan Schwarz, ImmaStr).

    You're still the living heart of this product. Hoping Your passion for the product and the customers will be lasting for Long.

    Kind regards from the Ex-Project Support Team Munich

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