Blog Roll Update

Glad to meet so many people on the opening day of the conference – and to see Seattle win!!  There recent update to our platform for appears to have removed my blog roll so I will try to get it up and running again – but just updating my list on this blog with two that I cannot work out why they were not already here!

*** Update 2/11 – My blog roll on has now been re-instated – and thanks Elli for spotting the error in my original link above.  I really should read these things before publishing…) ***

I added Elli Johnston’s “Project Server Pants” and you will have to ask Elli about the name – it isn’t as bad as it sounds… And Paul Mather (MVP) blog – – and both are well worth a read and subscribing to. Nearly introduced them to each other too – but didn’t see them at the same time.

Enjoy the conference!

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