While I was away–Project Server August CU and the 2010 SP2 and June CU

Refreshed after a warm summer vacation in Washington state – and just in case you hadn’t seen it over on the Project Support blog I’ll throw some links out here.

*** Update 9/13/2013 - please see http://blogs.technet.com/b/projectsupport/archive/2013/09/13/project-server-2010-august-2013-cumulative-update-installation-latest.aspx for 2010 August CU issues ***

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  1. Project Server 2010 + SP2 and then August CU says:

    Hi Brian,

    after you have updated a sp2 installation with August 2013 CU then …

    Published DB: Database is too new and is not supported

    SP2 writes this version into an updated Pub DB

    AE40B1C1-23C6-4FA5-95D0-29FD61DDB2DA  2  xxxxxxxxx 2013-09-12 09:21:37.750  NULL  0   0    38  

    a newly created PWA instance / PUBLISHED DB has this version inside:

    AE40B1C1-23C6-4FA5-95D0-29FD61DDB2DA 14.1.702.0

    Q: Is August CU not aware of this version or does sp2 write a wrong version  number into the PUB DB?

  2. Hi, there does appear to be an issue with the August CU and versioning – not sure if it is the Aug CU to blame or SP2 setting the wrong value – but the schema version appears to block upgrade.  We should have some guidance shortly – but I'd be interested to understand if you use language packs in Project Server 2010?  We are seeing this so far from mostly European customers rather than just US English installations.

    Best Regard,


  3. Reiner says:

    Hi Brian,

    we have installed the German Language Pack. Only this LP is installed. no others.


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