SharePoint 2013: Problems opening documents with Office 2010 if you load Project 2013

Thanks to Jorge Ray (sorry Ray!) for this great blog post - explaining how, after loading Project 2013 this can make your SharePoint libraries default to the 2013 versions of the protocol handlers.  You might get a Url such as ms-word:nft|u|http://o15psvr:8080/Shared Documents/Forms/template.dotx|s|http://o15psvr:8080/Shared Documents for Word or ms-excel:ofv|u|http://sharePointDocumentlibraryURL for Excel.

The fix is easy – go take a look at Ray’s blog.

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  1. Vijay Bhaskar says:

    Add the below script in your master page…it works…make sure you reference jquery file and run it in document.ready function…..





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