New Project and Project Server support site for you to bookmark

With the release of 2013 we have a new support home page for Project and Project Server.  This covers not just the new release, but also features 2010 and 2007.


*** Update - and the url would help too - (thanks Leonie!) ***


This is the place to find all you support options – both self help and forums as well as the paid support options available.

Comments (4)

  1. Leonie K. Jensen (Intersoft) says:

    What is the url for bookmarking?

  2. Oops!  Great question Leonie.  A picture might be worth a thousand words, but this one needs a few more.  I'll update it…

    Best regards,


  3. Eric Campbell says:

    I tried to use this to get to Project Server assisted help.  I had to go through 2 levels of clicking on More Servers and then All Servers, which took me back to the original site.  Can't get to project Server help.  (Thought I would try it ouot before I needed it in an emergency.)

  4. Sorry you had a bad experience Eric.  Did you click on Get Technical Support and then one of the Project Server versions?  I think you may then have gone back to the "Find it myself" option in the top row.  The phone number is on that page and you don't need to take any of the options in the header again.  For 2007 and 2013 it takes you into a support topic questionnaire – I'd have expected the same for 2010 – I'll look in to that.

    If this doesn't help then either reply here or e-mail me –

    Best regards,


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