Project Server 2010: August Cumulative Update package hotfix re-released

Pink Floyd are not the only ones re-releasing their back catalog this month – we have re-released the SharePoint Foundation 2010 August Cumulative Update.  As this is also contained in the roll-up packages then these too have been re-released.  Unfortunately the title of the Project Server package has also been updated to reflect this new release date and it could make it look like the October Cumulative update released early – so take care!

The re-released Project Server package at is still the August Cumulative Update, although it is labeled Description of the Project Server 2010 cumulative update package (Project server-package): October 13, 2011.  This is NOT the October CU coming early!  The version has been incremented to 14.0.6109.5005 to reflect the new build, but it is just the SharePoint Foundation component that has been updated.  The Project Server only package at is still showing the original date and version, as it was not rebuilt as it does not contain the SharePoint Foundation component. (sts-x-none.msp).

I think the change in the SharePoint package is support for updates to Russia, Fiji and Samoa daylight saving time (DST) settings in SharePoint Foundation 2010 – I’ll see if I can get confirmation.

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  1. Maaz Ibrahim says:

    Hei Brian,

    Aug 30 CU for Project Server 2010 (projectserver2010-kb2553047-fullfile-x64-glb) saved my life today when i deployed it on my own system. It worked for the issue with the Timesheet (Sending already approved Timesheet without Recalling it, which ultimately produces Failed and blocking correlation error in the queue).

    The issue was that when a user opens an already approved timesheet (having SEM), he can be able to edit it and send it for approval and when the user press Send Timesheet button Error occurs in the timesheet, then user need to delete the timesheet to rectify this error… anyways, this issue wasn't mentioned in the CU description (might be there but i may not have gone through it)

    My client was asking me to resolve this issue asap. So i tried Aug 30 2011 CU on my system and what i found there is that;

    "If the timesheet is already approved and user opens it and edit it, he/she can't send/save/insert/import/Reassign/Remove task from it, means that there is no way to do any action on the approved timesheet, coz these buttons are disabled on the ribbon".

    Now i have to test the other issues with this CU, the one i am facing these days related to Status Updates…

    Brian correct me if i am wrong…  

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