Project Server 2010: View Failure in Project Center when certain ISO Currency Codes used in published projects

This one came to my attention via the TechNet Project Server forums (thanks Milen!) and was specifically raised concerning the Bulgarian currency code BGN.  If this was used in a project (File, Options, Display, Currency) then published to the server then an error would occur when navigating to Project Center:

View Failure.  The view failed to load.  Press OK to reload this view with the default settings.  Press Cancel to select another view.

Pressing OK would just repeat the error – pressing Cancel would enable you to choose another view – and then see the error again.

Investigating the problem I found it to be due to changes in the currency codes over recent years that have been implemented in the client (Project Professional) but in the server we are picking up the codes from the RegionInfo class in .NET 3.5 System.Globalization and these are still the old ones (they are now right in .NET 4.0 – but that doesn’t help for the 3.5 targeted codes in Project Server 2010).  The countries and currencies affected are:

    • Azerbaijan         From AZM to AZN
    • Bulgaria             From BGL to BGN
    • Belarus              From BYB to BYR
    • Venezuela         From VEB to VEF
    • Zimbabwe         From ZWD to ZWL

The 'From' codes are those available on the server. The 'To' ones are those available on the client.  One final breakage is for XDR, which is included on the client but does not list on the server via RegionInfo as it is the ISO code for the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

There is a Catch-22 here, in that customers in these countries or using these currencies in their projects will only have the old codes available for their server – but only the new ones on the client. 

The only workaround would be to use some other nominal currency that is represented in both places.  I won’t risk offending anyone by suggesting a single currency… There may be other reasons you might get this error – but if you suspect these currencies could be causing the issue then look for any of the following in the File, Options, Display, Currency entry in Project Professional ('AZN','BGN','BYR','VEF','ZWL','XDR') or for the adventurous I will save you a few minutes and tell you the table you want is in the published DB, and is MSP_PROJECTS and the column is PROJ_OPT_CURRENCY_CODE.

Also Romania and Russia have changed codes, but ROL/RON and RUR/RUB do not create the issue, as it has been resolved for these specific languages (and hopefully a similar fix will be forthcoming for these languages.

*** 5/21/2013 Update - This also affects the Nigerian currency - symbol NGN.  This does appear in the list of currencies for Project Server 2013, but was not in the .NET Framework for Project Server 2010.  For NGN as well as the other currencies mentioned here one option, which we have helped a Venezuelan customer with, was to use LocaleBuilder to get the new currency in - .  Contact us in support if you want some pointers.  This would apply to the currencies above, although I believe in SP1 of Project Server 2010 we did address some of these issues (VEB/VEF) ***


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Comments (7)

  1. Hans.H says:

    Hi Brian,

    I have seen the exact same error on the approval center, when you click Preview Updates. Only, in this case the currency code used is EUR. And it doesn't seem to happen for all task updates. So maybe there is more going on? (or although the errors are exactly the same, they have a different cause…).

    Just wanted to let you know.

  2. jmmaury says:

    Just saw the error too – using GBP but I don't think it's related to currency as per Hans H's comment. My scenario was trying to look at the impact of someone extending one of their tasks by a couple of days…

  3. Trutz Stephani says:

    Hi Brian,

    we had the same issue as Hans described it on a Project Server 2010 with December CU 2010 installed. So it seems it is still not fixed. Any ideas on how to circumlvent or solve it?

    Kind regards,


  4. Hi Hans and Trutz,

    I am thinking you are seeing a totally different issue.  You may need to open a support incident to get one of our Support Engineers to analyze what data is being displayed (or rather not displayed) in your circumstances.

    Best regards,


  5. Juan Jaspe says:

    Hi Brian

    I have been the exact same error when I try to publish a project, I live in Venezuela, I was installed project professional 2010 with windows 7 OS client, the currency is VEF and in Project server 2010, windows server 2008 R2  the currency is VEB, the server.

    When I try to publish the project show the message The currency doesn´t match, change the project currency.

    If you know some fix to correct….I appreciate that

    Best Regards

    Juan Jaspe

  6. Doug U says:

    I also am seeing this error and my Project is USD.

  7. It is a pretty generic error Doug – if you have USD then you are seeing it for entirely different reasons.  I'd suggest you start by reviewing the ULS logs and see if that gives a clue to the failure.

    Best regards,


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