Migration Complete! What do you think of the new blog site?

From the stats it looks like normal service has been resumed – and the downturn in readership during the migration and re-indexing has turned back up again.  So what do you think?  I haven’t decided on the final look – and may bring back my brown, cyan and pink colours at some point, but I do like the clean look and feel of the new platform.  I’ve kept the translate feature and the map – and you can also find the links (which I have done some housekeeping on) and the archive and tag cloud.  Search will currently search all of MSDN blogs, so you might want to include BriSmith or Project to limit the search to relevant stuff (Visual Studio tends to also give results for “project”).

Let me know if there is something special you would like to see, but future postings I have in my head currently are around Exchange Integration (working with MOhit on this one), Claims Authentication and the Advisory cases that we (Microsoft Customer Support and Services) are able to carry out for our customers.  Keep watching.  If you are reading this live, have a good long weekend (US, UK and several other countries).

Comments (10)

  1. PJ Mistry says:

    Hi Brian – the look is nice but search does not seem to work as before. Say I wanted to search your blog for OLAP. It finds other things elsewhere. No way of searching just this blog.



  2. Thanks PJ.  The plan is to get the search scoped to just the blog – but not sure on the timescale.

    Best regards,


  3. Also I will be trying to get my tagging better – so blogs.msdn.com/…/analysis+services would be another way to search for OLAP stuff.  Working with Tren to get a consistent set of tags we can use across both this blog and the Project Administration one.

  4. Pen says:

    Ah, we can go home now!

  5. SPF13 says:

    Hi Brian, I really like the new site, very clean.

    Although I miss the brown (a bit) it might be cool having a touch of light brown somewhere, perhaps the left and right columns?


  6. Lisa says:


    It's nice to see the change on the site!

    and Now I got a question—-

    In our company, QE and Development are using their own Project Servers (version: 2007)seperately.  

    Is it possible to create cross-project link between Project on QE Project server with Development Project server?

    Looking forward to your response!



  7. No Lisa/Lily, it isn't possible to link between projects on different instances of Project Server.  Still not possible in 2010 either, but a few other changes (Departments) make it a little easier to have different teams have a good experience within the same PWA instance.

    Best regards,


  8. James Hancock says:

    Page works fine. RSS is SUPER ANOYING. Please get them to remove "BLOG POST" from every article. It's mind numbingly anoying when you're reading through the news to see that over and over again. I'm very close to killing my msdn feed as a result of this which would be a shame!

  9. Thanks for the feedback James.  Where are you seeing this?  I subscribe to several MSDN/TechNet blogs via RSS to Outlook and not sure what the issue is.  Happy to investigate with more information.

    Best regards,


  10. James Hancock says:


    This is the default feed that gives the "Blog post". It also gives all of the stupid international language feeds as well.

    I would like a feed that's all english language blog posts from MS without "blog post" put at the beginning.

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