SharePoint 2010: What does it do for Project? Some good ULS log enhancements.

With the 2010 release Project Server now requires SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise (what we might previously thought of as MOSS) rather than just SharePoint Foundation (previously WSS).  This gives us access to all the features such as Excel Services for reporting, but also such things as PerformancePoint Services for Business Intelligence.  But as well as these things at the feature level we also benefit from the under the covers changes – such as the great improvements in ULS logging (“unexpected errors” can still happen – but they give you a correlation ID so you can easily find in the ULS logs more information about just how unexpected it was!)  The UI for setting verbosity of the ULS logs is also vastly improved and you don’t have to make each change one at a time – you can select whole features or individual sub features and then set the level of logging you require.


Another neat feature is that once you have changed things it is obvious from the UI (Bold) – and this rolls up to the feature level. 


And if you do forget and leave logging set at verbose?  Well the new health analyzer has a rule for that, and can even alert you!


and automatically fix things too.  Sweet!


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