April Cumulative Updates: All Office Server Articles now Live!

Just checked the links and they are all now live – so updated my list.  One clarification on a the specific KBs and downloads for Project Server and the SharePoint/Microsoft Office SharePoint Servers.  The Office Server hotfix I list is the complete package that includes Project Server 2007 April CU too.  This is KB 968851 and is called SharePoint Server 2007 cumulative update package (MOSS server package): April 30, 2009.  There is another hotfix that I know Christophe and Scott Wagner list in their articles – and this is KB 968859 - Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package (Coreserver.msp): April 30, 2009.  This one does not contain the Project Server fixes – so very useful if you already loaded the Project Server CU before the combined one was available.

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  1. Happy Guest says:

    Thank you!  Wouldn’t it be great if the KB articles would actually document some of these things and spare some of this running around and chasing issues?  

    There is also a major (known but not publicly documented) issue that crept into KB957109, the November CU, SP2, and the April CU (but apparently NOT KB956057, KB956056, KB957691, KB957693).  The issue results in metadata values being cleared on docLibs where content types are in use and updates to the documents are saved using an Office 2003 client application.  

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