Project Server 2007: Check-in Still Pending? Even after December CU?

*** Update *** Fixed in April CU -  

My colleague Aik has been looking in to scenarios where the fix released in December’s cumulative update doesn’t appear to have resolved things and we have a series of steps you can try to see if this alleviates the problem for you.  Based on previous postings on this topic I am sure I will soon hear what works and what does not!  Keep the comments coming please!

Here are Aik’s steps:

a) Since the fix is on the client, check to make sure that Project Professional is patched to at least 6335.5000. You can find this in the Help | About section in Project.


b) If a file shows up as being in a checkin pending state, and you’ve verified that the project plan is no longer checked out  on the server, there are 2 things you can try to sync the cache status:

  1. Try toggling Project Professional to an Offline state and then back Online. This will help re-sync the local cache status with the project status on the server. E.g. Right click on the bottom status bar  where it says Connected in Project and select Work Offline and do the same again and select Connect to Server. Note there is a built in delay of 15 seconds – so wait for about 15-20 seconds and then try the file open operation and see if the status reflects the correct state.Offline

  2. Close and relaunch project – Note there is a built in delay of 30 seconds – so wait for about 30 seconds and then try the file open operation and see if the project status reflects the correct state. E.g. is it still showing up as checkin pending?

Thanks for this Aik – readers, please let us know what works and what doesn’t.

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Comments (32)

  1. Chad says:

    Before this post, I changed the folder location of the cache and the error never came back. Probably not a good solution but might help with troubleshooting. I’ll try this workaround next time.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Chad.  Hopefully there won’t be a next time :).

  3. ilya says:

    when all else fails, delete everything from the local project professional cache… that has reliably fixed the "check-in pending" issue for me in the past! The cache is located in %USERPROFILE%Application DataMicrosoftMS ProjectCache, for reference purposes…

  4. Mon says:

    the tip about clearing %USERPROFILE%Application DataMicrosoftMS ProjectCache works great!  wouldn’t you think clearing cache from the tools menu should also remove the coresponding folder(s)?  it apparently doesn’t.  this could fill up with lots of junk.  yikes!

  5. Thanks Ilya and Mon for the comments.  Just take care, this folder could contain your offline copies of projects and any unsaved data where the project hasn’t been saved and checked in from the client.  If all projects are really checked in – then this is certainly an option.

    Best regards,


  6. Mon says:

    What is the KB# for the update to 6335.5000?  Is is part of the Office SP1 roll-up?

  7. Hi Mon,

    It is the December CU for Project Professional – KB959643.

    Best regards,


  8. Tom says:


    I have the impression (like some others before already said).

    On my installation, the checkin-pending issue occurs in nearly 100% of checkins. When I delete everything in the cache directory (using file explorer, not just the Clear cache funciton in Project Pro) the issue is gone and initially stays gone.

    However sometimes the issue comes back (sometimes only days later, sometimes many weeks later). Then it will start again occuring in nearly 100% of all checkins. Until you again delete the file dir.

    I am not yet sure, what workflow reintroduces the problem. I saw it when I had poor connectivity to the project server (VPN via Internet into company intranet) but I have not yet analized this systematically.



  9. Tom says:


    one more thing I forgot.

    For me it looks like, the content of the cache directory itself is relevant for this issue to occur. Because if you empty the file dir, the issue stays gone. (at least until something happens that reintroduces the problem).

    Would it then be beneficial for MS support, to get a ZIP with all contents of the cache directory?

    As I am currently seeing this issue, I can provide this!


  10. Gaurav Wason says:

    Why can’t microsoft give refesh button on file open windows. Very simple solution…


  11. ***Update*** Panic over – I’d misinterpreted an issue we had with a more recent internal build. Everything

  12. Hi Gaurav,

    Great idea – but not as simple as it first appears – due to constraints we have around updating UI in regards localization etc.  But that would be an ideal solution.

    Best regards,


  13. Flo says:

    Hi Brian,

    still have the checkin pending also with the latest december update. Happened this time again in a training. Please you guys have to fix this in the next release.

    This is the point that makes users having a bad opinion of the whole server solution and has definitely to be fixed.

    Greetz from Germany,


  14. Thanks Tom and Flo for the feedback, and I will certainly let you know if having a zip of the direcories will help us.  I do fully appreciate that in training the last thing you want is problems that raise doubts about the system.

    This feedback is great and enables me to get the issue in front of the right people.  Thanks again!

  15. Guillaume Riquier says:

    Hi Brian

    After the WebCast of Jean Leflaux on wednesday I asked one CU dec related question, but received no answer. It is for us very important, can you perhaps help us:


    Bonjour Jean, Hi Michael,

    I belong to the Project Group in Munich, and looked at your Webcast session yesterday at 20:00 Munich and Paris Time.

    Very interesting, it brought new Ideas for Monitoring MOPS and MOSS.

    Too bad that the VPC wasn’t so fast.

    I still have one question:

    On the Slide “Deploying Software Updates” from your presentation, you write, that the following Patches are CU dec 08.

    MOPS: 960313

    WSS: 959644

    MOSS: 959637

    For us consultants, it’s really difficult to find out the right patches, and we made some researches.

    The result of our search is that CU dec 08 is:

    WSS3.0: KB 960010

    MOPS: 960011 (The KB article says that just MOSS gets updated, but our tests show that MOPS gets updated too…)

    MOSS: 960011

    If you look at the KB articles for these KB numbers, it’s explicitly written, that these fixes are Cumulative Update Dec 08.

    The KB numbers that you gave during the presentation are Dec 08 hotfix package (that s what the KB articles say)

    Could you please check and find a final solution.

    Like I told you the communication of Microsoft in this area isn’t really optimal.


  16. Hi Guillaume,

    In December some extra packages were introduced which are the 960010 and 960011 for WSS and Office Server.  These were introduced as full patches containing Dec CU and all previous CU’s back to SP1 – including their respective Infrastructure Updates (and the 960011 Office Server includes all of MOSS and Project Server and Forms Server).  You can still also use the KB’s JF mentioned which are the individual patches for the Dec CU.  The change doesn’t make much difference to Project alone, but makes it easier with WSS and MOSS to ensure you have all the patches you need in one package.  I hope this helps clarify things.  

    Best regards,


  17. Ivanl says:

    Do you know if this is still an issue?. Did the February CU include a ‘fix’ for this?


    Ivan Lemus

  18. Paul says:

    I’m still having trouble with this….makes our whole investment in Project Server worthless if I can’t even do the basics…

  19. Hi Paul,

    If you are up to date with the latest CUs, and also have cleaned the cache files out either at the time of updating or since updating I would be very interested in understanding the scenarios with which this still gives you issues.

    Best regards,


  20. Cris says:

    Hello Brian,

     What is the latest on the "Checkin Pending" issue?  Can you recommend a patch that will correct this?


  21. Hi Cris,

    I think the April CU was the latest fix for this.  It is possible you still have something bad in your cache or have hit a new problem that can lead to the same error.  If you have some good repro steps I’d love to hear them – assuming you have the April CU and your cache is clean.

    Best regards,


  22. Cris says:


     Thanks for the prompt response.  I will test the April CU and see if it resolve the issue.

  23. BSR says:

    I am using Project 2007 with SP2 on Windows 7 professional. I see this problem every time I close the project client. If project is not closed project status shown as checkin success. If closed and reopened it would show it as Check-in Pending. On every restart, I am cleaning up local cache to get around this problem.

    However, the same problem is not seen on Windows XP with SP3 and Project 2007 with SP2 installed.

  24. says:

    Check-in Still Pending?

    I am using Project 2007 with SP2 on Windows XP professional. I see this problem every time I close the project client. If project is not closed project status shown as checkin success. If closed and reopened it would show it as Check-in Pending. On every restart, I am cleaning up local cache to get around this problem.

    I still have the problem with (XP_SP3/ MSP_SP2 installed), eventhough BSR said that the same problem is not seen on Windows XP with SP3 and Project 2007 with SP2 installed!!!

    Thanks for help

  25. Chris says:

    Check in still pending in draft database and unable to force check it in. Any suggestion?

    Check in the file from the client but the save operation never finished. Checked the system admin area and tried to force check in the object. However, the problem is still there. I tried to cancel the queue job but unable to see any response.

    Any suggestion?



  26. The queue job should cancel Chris, but depending on the release level of your system you may need to check ‘cancel jobs getting enqueued’ assuming the user cannot re-connect.  Once this is cancelled then you should be able to check in.  As I’ve mentioned in various posting the ‘force’of force check-in is a bit of a misnomer.

    Best regards,


  27. Andrea says:

    My group (20+ people) is having endless problems with checkin. We are using Project Server 2007 which was installed in December 2009 with the latest and greatest Moss/Sharepoint versions. Professional version info: (12.0.6423.1000) SP2 MSO (12.0.6425.1000).

    We get the checkin issue even when the project plan is saved, published and checked in (with everything verified on the queue on the server side) before closing project professional.

    Will going to Windows 7 help? Is there some other patch set we should have or ask for?

  28. Hi Andrea,

    We made some fixes in the April CU last year (released just after SP2 – which you appear to be using).  It would certainly be better for this particular problem and others to get on the latest CU, which is April 2010 – Windows 7 would certainly be a worthwhile upgrade – but would not resolve this issue.

    Best regards,


  29. David says:

    Hi Bryan,

    We're on the Dec 15th 2009 CU – 6524 and experiencing the 'CHECK-IN' issue as well.  What we found is that Project Pro crashes on the client after the active plan is 'CLOSED' and when File–>Exit is selected to exit Pro. The Publish and save jobs for the last plan prior to the File–>Exit are successful as indicated in the PS queue.  After Project Professional crashes the server queue indicates that a 'SAVE' for the recently 'CLOSED' plan is 'Getting Queued'.  The 'Getting Queue state never resolves and blocks all future correlation including any 'FORCED CHECK-INS' until the 'Getting Queued' job is cancelled.  

    I believe, just a guess, that this is an order of operations issue with how Project Pro submits job to the server when the Pro crashes.

    1. Project Pro crashes after the Project Pro File–>Close

    2. The save and or publish jobs complete successfully.

    3. The check-in job fails. Guessing because the Project Pro crash cannot communicate back to the client to sync the local project cache.

    4. When Project Professional crashes a catch all 'SAVE' job is submitted for the last plan opened which hangs in a 'Getting Queued' state because Project Pro crashed and the Server has lost the Session ID with the client.  Just a guess again.

    5. Cancelling the 'Getting Queued' save job cancels all subsequent jobs including failed check-ins and allows the plan to be successfully checked-in.

    6. The plan can now be opened from the client using the clients local project cache or Retrieve plans from the server.

    Bryan this is just a guess as to what maybe happening when we have plans which are difficult to check-in.  At least this is our experience.



  30. Hi David,

    Your analysis is good and certainly a crash on save will generally leave a hanging getting queued job – not specifically as the session ID is lost – but the communication channel just broke…  It may pick up again once Project Pro is restarted depending how bad the crash was.  Likewise as you say the check-in request probably never happened.  

    So it isn't realy a check-in pending issue as such – it is really still checked out.

    There is a fix in the February CU that addresses a specific crash on save that can occur when using multi monitor and the 2nd monitor is on the left of the main monitor.  Actually relates to popping up the dialog with negative co-ordinates rather than anything you are actually saving – but could be worth trying if this scenario matches yours.

    Best regards,


  31. Akshay Dange says:

    Hey Brian,

    I found one conflict when running a web service to update some feature.

    I a ms proj server client is open with a check out status and if we try to problematically check out the same project.

    The program throws exception but the project goes in a funny state of check out forever even if the client is restarted.

    – MS Proj Server 2007

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