Project Server 2007: Moving SharePoint Content DBs Between Farms – Screencast and Podcast

This blog post was inspired by a question from Greg – and thought this might be the best way to answer.  The podcast is just the commentary – so if things are not clear please view the screencast to see what I was talking about!  The demo shows restoring a content database backed up from another farm on another domain – then adding to a web application and getting access to the content.

Double-click to go full screen, or this new SilverLight 2 Black Glass template I am using has extra controls.  I’ll repost a stream that doesn’t auto start too… Sorry.  Done!

Switching to a different video host.  Might switch again - not too keen on the adverts... sorry.  But some useful links to other Project videos!

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Comments (5)

  1. Ben Howard says:

    Hi Brian, thanks for posting this, anything that demystifies the inner workings of sharepoint is good for me.  How about a blog/vid on a DR session, lets say server A goes belly up, and I’ve got is last nights  SQL backups (and that’s it) (and may a SharePoint BU via Central admin taken a few weeks ago).  How do I re-provision onto a newly built server B – in this case we can assume all the accounts still exist.  Should keep you occupied for an hour or so!

  2. Thanks for the idea Ben!  As if I didn’t have enough to do :).  One often overlooked option for this type of scenario is just to rebuild the server and reconnect (Join the farm) to the SQL Server with the restored databases. I’ll see if I can do something around this.

    Best regards,


  3. Ben Howard says:

    Hi Brian, It’s good to be busy!

    Anyway, your suggestion is a great idea in a multi-server farm, but I suspect 95% of PS implementations are either 1 or 2 server affairs, eg single app server with optional SQL server – it’s this scenario I worry about!

  4. I agree on your analysis Ben – but even a single server can "re-join" a farm.  You’d probably have to leave it first, but usually if there has been a problem the server does not really kow it is still in the farm and leaves anyway.  As long as the DBs are OK you can just re-install PS and then connect back to the same config db and all should be well…

    Best regards,


  5. HyderZaidi says:

    Hi Brian,

       Thanks for your steps for moving the sharepoint content DBs between farm. I have used this step to test out how to split my existing single server farm into two layer (i.e. App + Web and DB server) just to improve performance and to make my farm scalable. Kindly let me know if there are some other ways to do the same i.e. spliting single pc deployment into multiple layer.

    Any-ways, it all goes so smooth but I have seen some issues that might need your expert advise.

     1. When we attach content database (Restored database) and click on project workspace (pwa project site), sites open with all the data (issues + risks + deliverables & documentation) but when we try to go back to the main PWA site, it throws error because the port is different.

     2. Secondly, we can’t able to perform additional task [i.e. deleting project workspace directly from server setting, and once delete, we can perform restore steps as all deleted sites goes into recycle bin]

    I am currently performing impact analysis and will update this post soon, that what will be the limitation I faced if I migrate my data from 1 farm to another or spliting the architecture as I mentioned earlier.


    Hyder Zaidi

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