Project Server 2007: Microsoft Office December 2008 Cumulative Update and KBs Released!

***Update*** If you are running MOSS with Project you should NOT load the December CU for MOSS as it has been withdrawn because of a search issue that is resolved in the February CU.  Thanks Shazeb for bringing this to my attention.  For full details of the reasons see and for details fot the Feb CU see 

***Update*** Panic over - I'd misinterpreted an issue we had with a more recent internal build.  Everything public is OK and always has been.  Just with the weather conditions around Redmond I was having difficuty getting comfirmation.  Betterr safe than sorry - hence the warning.

***Update***  We are just investigating a potential anomoly with the 960011 and 960010 patches.  For now I suggest just using the individual ones, 959644, 959637 and 960313.  I will update again once I know more. 

Starting with the December 2008 Cumulative Update for Office Server 2007 (KB960011), the Project Server updates can be obtained packaged together with the Office Server ones – as well as being available individually.  Also included in the Office Server CU are InfoPath Forms Server, and of course the core Microsoft Office SharePoint Server fixes including Excel Services.  This encompasses both the global and local patches.  Windows SharePoint Server Cumulative Update for December 2008 (KB960010) is still kept separate, but does include both local and global patches.

Both these Office and WSS CUs now include their respective Infrastructure Updates – so no need to install separately.  To be up to date all that is needed is the latest service pack and the latest CUs for WSS and Office Server.  The WSS CU can be requested here, and the Office Server one (including Project Server) here.  The client hotfix for Project Professional 2007 can be requested here

These are the KB articles detailing the hotfixes:

Windows SharePoint Server 3.0 - KB959644

Office SharePoint Server 2007 – KB959637

Project Server 2007 – KB960313

Project Professional 2007 – KB959643

and by following the Project Server link you can request the individual Project Server package – rather than getting is as part of the Office Server one (but why would you?).  For guidance on deployment of cumulative updates we have this article - 

And finally - just in time for the holidays the Project Professional 2007 CU does contain the fix for the “check-in pending” issue!

 *** Update *** See also

Project 2007 still displays a plan as checked out after the Program Manager checks in the plan. Additionally, the plan is listed as checked in on the server.

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this one.  Thanks for your patience.

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  1. gagbag says:

    Where is the individual Project Server CU download Link ?


  2. As mentioned in the posting Gagan – following the link to the KB960313 will get you to the place to request the fix – or you could reverse engineer one of the other links and get

    Best regards,


  3. Peter says:

    I’m a bit cunfused, I’ve searched for KB960010 and KB960011 on technet but not found them. If both Sharepoint Server and Project Server is installed in the same server/serverfarm I both have to install KB959637 and KB960313 (and of course KB959644)? Which one first, the CU for Sharepoint Server or Project Server?

    Best regards,


  4. Flo says:


      Project 2007 still displays a plan as checked out


                    THANK YOU FOR FIXING THIS!


                                  Best regards,


  5. Hi Peter,

    The docs for 960010 and 960011 don’t seem to have hit the site yet, but the downloads are available at the links given.  You can either install 960010 then 960011 and then run the config wizard – or if you are only comfortable running if you also have the KB article then the flow should be WSS, then MOSS, then Project Server and finally run the configuration Wizard.

    Best regards,


  6. No problem Flo – I will pass your thanks on.  Sorry it took a while and I hope we have nailed all the different scenarios.

    Best regards,


  7. km8842 says:

    Do you happen to know the links for the b4 bit CUs?



  8. km8842 says:

    Ooops.  I mean do you know the links for the 64 bit CUs.

  9. Hi Kay,

    Hopefully you mean x64 CUs?  The link is the same, but by default it offers the version for the machine you download from – so if this isn’t x64 you need to click on  "Show hotfixes for all platforms and languages" which is just above the box showing the fix, and it will offer the x64 version.

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards,


  10. ***Update3*** Read on for general Cumulative Update information – but we now have the December release

  11. Jeff says:

    I have 3 questions:

    1. Does Project Server December CU include all fixes contained in Project Server October CU? Or does installation of December CU require installation of October CU?

    2. Like #1 above, similar questions for December MOSS CU and WSS CU.

    3. Does Project Server December CU require installation of MOSS December CU and WSS December CU or it can be installed without MOSS and WSS CU’s?



  12. Hi Jeff,

    1. Yes

    2. Yes – and the roll-ups 960010 and 960011 also contain the Infrastructure Updates

    3. Project Server doesn’t require the WSS and MOSS December CU.  Best practice is to have the WSS and MOSS Infrastructure update at least – and of course SP1.

    Best regards,


  13. waqas105 says:


    Today i got some problems while i was installing the Cumulative

    Update-December for the Wss 3.0 & Microsoft Project Server 2007. But i go the

    error on the Step # 8 of 9.

    Failed to upgrade SharePoint Products and Technologies.

    "An exception of type


    was thrown. Additional exception information: Failed to upgrade SharePoint

    Products and Technologies."

    What i did,

    1) I downloaded the Updates binaries( WSS 3.0 & Office Server 2007)

    2) Stop the W3svc Server World wide publishing service.

    3) Run the WSS 3.0 binaries(cumulative updates)

    4) run the Office Servers 2007 binaries(Cumulative Updates)

    5) Now i run the Sharepoint technology wizards and at the point 8 of 9 its

    throuw the exception and stop updating.

    But one thing i did not had the August and October updates but my

    envirnoment had SP1 and infrasturcture updates.

    Kindly guide me accordingly where i missed something.

    Waqas Sarwar

  14. Hi Waqas,

    You should open a support incident to get help with this issue.  The ULS logs may give more clues to the exact nature of the failure.  You are not missing any updates as the August and October CUs are not required for the December CU.  Where the CUs added to all servers in the farm?

    Best regards,


  15. Jeff says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thank you very much for your quick response. I think I got the answres, but just to double check for question 1 since it is important to us.

    * So Project Server December CU covers Project Server October CU and does not require October or prior CU installed.



  16. Abude says:

    There is an error while extracting 368073_intl_x64_zip.exe.

    This is CU for Office Services 64 bits.

    “An error ocurred while unzipping. One or more not sucessfully unzipped. The error code is 110.”

    I tried downloading the file again, with no results. Does anyone successfuly installed this specific hotfix?

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Hi Abude,

    I have successfully unzipped and installed that exact update.  I would suggest deleting files from %temp% and your temporary internet files to ensure any future download is complete and successful.

    Best regards,


  18. DavidHans| says:

    Hi Brian,

    the combined "uber-hotfix" for WSS / Office Servers helps alot.

    Can you clarify if the MS Project client December CU still requires the Infrastructure Update to be installed first (after SP1 of course)?  I haven’t found an Uber-client hotfix for MS Project as of yet.  And prior CUs from August and October did require this.



  19. GVK says:

    I have applied Infrastructure update and August update.

    Now I am having more problems than earlier…

    1. On PWA home page, I can’t have remiders webpart.

    2. From Manage Queue, I can not see any job information.

    3. I can not do force checkin, it throws an error.

    In server logs, I also found erros such as

    System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: Could not find stored procedure ‘MSP_WEB_PWS_GetRiskListIds’

    System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: Procedure or function MSP_ProjQ_Get_Status_Of_Jobs_List has too many arguments specified.

    Any help in this regard is much appreciated.

  20. Hi GVK,

    From the errors you describe it appears that the updates have not been fully applied.  Have you loaded on all servers if there is more than 1?  Did the configuration wizard run with no errors?  Your symptoms indicate that the database, binaries and web pages are somehow out of sync.  If this does not give you enough to go on then your best course of action would be a support incident to get an engineer working with you to resolve these issues.  See if you don;t already have a support agreement in place.

    Best regards,


  21. GVK says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the quick response. I have not seen any errors while installing the updates.

    When I try to open SharePoint admin central, it shows me the following Tasks on the home page

    1 READ FIRST – Click this link for deployment instructions  

    2 Incoming e-mail settings  

    2 Create Project Web Access sites for SharedServices1  

    2 Create Project Web Access sites for SharedServices2  

    4 Create SharePoint Sites  

    4 Configure Workflow Settings  

    5 Central Administration application pool account should be unique.  

    10 Check services enabled in this farm  

    18 Add anti-virus protection

    I already have SharedService1 on the left menu and its working fine.

    I assume that there is some problem with the shared service config…

    Any inputs based on this would be much appreciated.



  22. Hi Vijay,

    Did running the SharePoint configuration wizard complete succesfully?  It is one of the steps in the wizard that actually updates the databases.

    Best regards,


  23. reza says:

    HI Brian,

    i’m using PS 2007 and MOSS 2007.

    I’ve never deploy CU for both. Now i want to deploy, but before that, there were several that i want to ask..

    1. Should i deploy Previous CU or i can directly deploy CU December for both PS 2007 & MOSS 2007?

    2. Is it possible, after i deploy CU i’ll loss my existing data?



  24. Hi Reza,

    You can directly apply the December CU without other CU’s having been applied – they are cumulative.  The KB960011 includes CU for both Project and MOSS.

    You should not lose any data, but as with any update you should test in a non-production environment first.

    Best regards,


  25. Tom says:

    It looks the Pending Checkin problem is still occuring.

    I still observe it in 95% of all checkins in my enterprise. (we installed the December CUs on Server as well as on Project Professional Client)

    Users just do not report to be, because this is known to be a known issue.

    So I can rerpoduce this issue easily. If helpful I can provide logs.

  26. Hi Tom.  Does this still occur for you even if you create a new profile to connect tot project server?  Or delete your cache?  I’d love to know the repro steps that still make this happen for you – and really sorry to hear you are still having an issue.

    I saw you posted against two related blogs – so this answer is duplicated to ensure others see it.

    Best regards,


  27. Susan says:

    Dear Brian,

     Even after applying december hotfix kb959643 which solve the "Project 2007 still displays a plan as checked out after the Program Manager checks in the plan. Additionally, the plan is listed as checked in on the server" issue,we are still facing the Checkin issue.

    Please help

  28. reza says:

    Hi Brian….

    Why after installing December CU, one of featurure in my timesheet which is Replace Actual with Planned didn’t work?

    do you know about this???



  29. Rich Davis says:

    I’m following the issue about check-in/out problems with interest. We are in the process of deploying Project Server 2007 for the first time. We thought we were close to going into production, but one of our advocates/early adopters has consistently had problems with his schedules.

    We see problems with people checking out a schedule, closing it, then trying to check it out again from Project Central. The error message when Project Professional tries to open the file is "Prior checkin is not complete, do you want to check out in read-only mode?" When I look, the schedule is not checked out in the Server Settings > Force Check-in area or in the user’s Check-in my projects area.

    Your earlier post mentions clearing cache; is this the IE7 cache or another?

    — Rich

  30. Hi Susan and Rich,

    I am reaching out to our support teams to see if we are still seeing many customers with this problem post Decvember CU.  The cache I was referring to was the local cache Project Professional uses to hold project information.  It can be accessed from the Tools menu, Local Project Cache – and you can use the Cleanup option to remove project details.  Of course there could still be a timing issue where Pro says it is still checked out (things are going through the server queue) and when you look on the Server the check-in has completed – but then trying to re-open should resolve things.  Also be aware that connections from Project Professional directly will use a different cache folder than a project opened from the Project Center – so both may need cleaning up.

    I hope this helps, but I will update this blog if I find we do have remaining scenarios that cause this symptom.

    Best regards,


  31. Hi Reza,

    I am not familar with changes in behavior with this feature.  Do you get an error – or just nothing happens?

    Best regards,


  32. Vaso Vukovic says:


    I have deployed December CU on MOSS farm. Then I installed PS with SP1 and infrastructure update. But by the look of file versions on DLLs etc, seems like I would need to re-run (redeploy?) the KB960011 so that Project Server gets patched properly (since it was not installed at the time when December CU was run).

    does this work (re-run of KB960011) or is there a way just to patch Project Server appdbs with Decemberber CU??

  33. Hi Vaso,

    You should re-apply 960011, or you could just apply the December Project Server update KB960313.  I’ve not tried this scenario and not sure if the 960011 actually needs re-installing or just the configuration Wizard re-running – but it will tell you if it thinks there is nothing to update.  I’d probably go with the 960313.

    Best regards,


  34. Greg says:


    I am having the same trouble as Reza.  The "replace actual with planned" timesheet feature is not working properly.

    Any suggestions?


  35. Greg says:

    Just to clarify, there is not an error message.  Nothing happens when you click the button.

  36. Thanks for the feedback Greg – I’ll try and take a look at this feature.  Not one I’ve done anything with yet so see what I find.

    Best regards,


  37. Rohit Agrawal says:


    We have PS 2007 with SP1 and infrastructure update. We are also facing this checkin pending issue. After reading thru the blog, looks like DEC 2008 CU for project professional 2007 solves it. But I wanted to know if it is mandatory to apply Dec 2008 CU to project server also or only the client updtae will work?



  38. Hi Rohit, this fix (which may not resolve all aspects of the problem) is in the client, but you should also update the server too.  A lot of good fixes have been introduced since SP1, and you should also keep your client and server in sync following an earlier dependancy – see for the details.  But it isn’t mandatory – just recommended.

    Best regards,


  39. Vaso Vukovic says:

    Hi Brian,

    Applying KB960313 worked fine. So thatnks for that.

    In doing this though, I also found out that I’ve got an orphaned PWA entry in the sharePoint config DB. I initially deployed one using default database names, then I did not like the way we’ve done it then removed it (deleted it from the SharePoint central Admin). I did not uninstall Project Server or anythign like that, just deleted the PWA site that was provisioned.  Hoever when I ran the config wizard post KB960313, it asked for the databases we used in the old (now orphaned) PWA to be re-attached so it can complete! We did that but going forward I would not like to have to keep them on the db server just so I can run the config wizard. Did you or anybody else have any experience in removing the orphaned PWA from config DB??

  40. Hi Vaso,

    How did you remove the site?  If you delete using the Manage PWA link in the SSP then it should do all the cleaning up (although it is async – so isn’t infallible if for instance you reboot).  If you just delete the site in CA then you can be left with remnants.

    Best regards,


  41. Vaso Vukovic says:

    Hi Brian,

    I went to ‘Shared Services Administration: WSS_SSP > Manage Project Web Access Sites  " Selected the ‘Delete site’ from drop down list on PWA, then went back to CA and removed the tope level site which was hosting it.. Now having read that PWA removal is async makes me wonder.. I performed those two events fairly quickly (short space of time inbetween) so not sure if that made any difference.

    but in any case, I can see the correct databases(PS_*) as well as entries for ProjectServer_* databases in the "Objects" table btw. and only one PWA entry in the "SiteMap" table…

  42. Hi Vaso,

    It seems you could have been too quick, and the PWA deletion should take care of everything.  Deleting the site may have stopped the flow of other deletions.  In terms of support you may need to speak to the Sharepoint team to see how best to remove those orphan rows.

    Best regards,


  43. Dinesh says:

    We have just finished testing the Dec CU in our Dev Environment. We found one problem (below) and wanted to check if others have encountered it also.

    When a PM previews task updates in Project 2007 (before accepting), the Approval Preview is blank instead of being populated with the proposed updates

  44. Hi Dinesh,

    This is a known issue that can occur when the retrieval of the data for the approval preview takes a while and times out. We have seen this prior to Dec CU – so nothing introduced at that time.  Is your Dev environment less performant than production?  Are your indexes stale on the server?  If this becomes a big issue for you then please open a support incident – we are currenly investigating workarounds to minimize the impact this can have – but generally we only see this problem consistently in the very largest installations.

    Best regards,


  45. Vaso Vukovic says:

    Hi Brian,

    Just an FYI – Had a case raised with MS and the solution suggested is the create a new Shared Services Provider then migrate the PWA etc on to the new SSP. We’ve got quite a few sites on the SSP in question but the support team does not support removal of entries from the DB directly so this is the best I’ve got so far.

  46. Hi Vaso,

    Yes, I know we aren’t keen on direct db access.  I have the luxury of not running a production system, so I sometimes do some "direct action" – but don’t tell anyone…

    Best regards,


  47. lgp1985 says:

    I solved my problem when provisioning ‘PWA’, after deleting it by the steps bellow:

    1. locate de Id of the path "/PWA"

    SELECT *

     FROM [SharePoint_Config].[dbo].[SiteMap] the corresponding stored procedure to remove the site:

    proc_dropSiteMap ‘14104B30-9001-45C2-8A2E-7AAC723FFEEC’ –(it’s the GUID from the row that the path is "/PWA")

  48. Thanks for the feedback.  You should note that direct database manipulation of the SharePoint databases will put you in to an "unsupported" state.  Using the stsadm command or UI to remove the managed path should have acheived the same.

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