Where Am I? (Getting Lost in the PWA MY Tasks page)

When Project Web Access 2007 first released, we discovered that scrolling through the ActiveX controls on the My Tasks page or the Timesheet caused the column headers to disappear.  With the release of the Infrastructure Update in July of this year, some improvements were made to address this issue, but as we discovered last week, it still wasn't working the way we thought it would.

So, here's the issue... 

When you view the My Tasks page in PWA, the control appears similar to this:


If your list of tasks is long, you may have to scroll vertically to view some of the tasks.  Unfortunately, when you scroll vertically the column headers indicating the field names and dates are not locked, and they scroll right along with the rest of the list.  To further complicate matters, if you use the Timephased View to enter Work values, you may have to scroll horizontally to find the right column.   When you scroll horizontally, there are no locked columns so the Task Names disappear as well.  This may leave you lost, wondering where you are in the list, and guessing as to whether your are recording Work values for the correct task on the correct date. 


According to KB953750, this problem was addressed in the Microsoft Office Servers Infrastructure Update.  Here's what the article has to say about this problem and how it was resolved:

When you are working in the Timesheet or My Tasks view, you scroll to parts of the grid that are to the right side and that are down the page. When you do this, the column headings may be visible. This condition makes it difficult to know which task and column you have selected.

To make it easier to know which task and column you have selected, a stationary row and column indicator now displays the task name and the heading (column).

This statement, however, is a little bit misleading.  The mention of a "stationary row and column indicator" has led some to believe that there are locked column headers and row indicators, when in fact, the stationary row is at the bottom of the ActiveX control.  Here, you can see how PWA indicates your location in the list when you have to scroll:


So, in the case above, I'm in the row for the task named "Task 6" and I'm under the column with the header "10/21".

If you don't see this indicator at the bottom of your My Tasks page, install the Infrastructure Update and that should take care of it for you.  This stationary row indictor is also visible in the Timesheet in PWA. 

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  1. Daniel Frick says:


    I was also not happy with the My Tasks Page. So I have started to search the internet an have found an interesting Webpart.

    This Webpart gives you some more informations.

    For example:

    -Overview about a complete month

    -Showing the state of the work (saved, submitted, approved or rejected)

    -Calculate totals for day, week and month

    -Show calculated work as bar, tooltip or as digit

    -Show CustomFields at project or task row

    You can download a trail version here:


  2. cperis says:


    I have searched for an appropiated topic for this issue, but as I haven’t found any, I post it here.

    ¿Different “max units” for different projects not possible?

    It is usual that organizations distribute the capacity of their resources between several proyects. So a resource should be assigned with “max units”=30% to project1, “max units”=20% to project2 and “max units”=50% to project3. This feature is not supported in PS2007. Is there any way to implement it?


  3. Hi cperis,

    Unfortunately not.  Resource plans may help to plan for this type of approach – but nothing that really enforces such a rule.  You could create reports – or even come up with an exception report – perhaps based on a resource custom field – but nothing out of the box.

    Best regards,


  4. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the link.  INNEO are one of our partners in Germany – glad you found this useful.  Perhaps we can get them to have an English translation on the page too?  Working on it…

    Best regards,


  5. Ivor Davies says:

    Hi Brian – Any update on the INNEO web part to display totals in the "My Tasks" page in PS 2007 in English?

    I would like to review this part as a possible quickfix for this ommission from Microsoft.

    Thanks so much…


  6. Hi Ivor – I’ve pinged our local folks who work with INNEO and unfortunately it looks like it will be well into January 2009 until we get an update.  

    Best regards,


  7. idiampan says:

    Try this tool:


    I have been using it for two months and everything is much much easier for project manager and user.


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