Project Server 2007: AJAX Web Part – as demonstrated at TechEd 2008

We have now published the code that Boris Scholl demonstrated at TechEd 2008 – showing an AJAX web part feeding from a PSI Extension and showing the location of each project on your server – where the city of execution is held in a custom field.  The end result looks like this:


Hovering over the pushpins shows details for the specific project – also returned by the PSI Extension.

The code is on the MSDN Code Gallery at so go along and try this yourself.  The document there covers the creation of the web part – and the code for the PSI Extension is also included.  You will probably need to also reference the SDK for PSI Extension deployment details.  Enjoy!

Comments (2)

  1. Brian Smith’s has just published the Building an AJAX Web Part for Microsoft Office Project Server 2007

  2. The Playground says:

    Hi Brian,

    I tried it out but didn`t work as expected

    What I did before was to execute the setup.bat of the ProjectGeoWebPart and this works fine.

    So right now I can see "virtual earth" workin as a webpart.

    But when I click on the "Get Projects" – Link it throws me an JS-Exception: "GeoProjectPSIExtension is undefined."

    So I registered the "GeoProjectData".assembly with it`s namespace GeoProjectPSIExtension and added the assembly to the webconfig. But ok didn`t work…

    What to do ?

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