New SharePoint Developer Resources Available – SDK 1.4

MSDN has the latest SDKs for both MOSS and WSS and these are also available for download.  Nothing new for Project, and I am not aware of any planned releases of another SDK - but do please let me know if there are some samples you really need and we can see how we can best get these to you.

Full details of the latest and greatest for SharePoint can be found on Randall's blog or to go direct to the downloads here are the links:-

Don't forget that the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Tools: Visual Studio 2008 Extensions, Version 1.2 were also updated recently and now work with Visual Studio 2008.  Download them here.  The extensions can only be loaded on x86 architecture (I missed the note, so I will repeat it here).

Note: This download does not work with an x64 OS. We currently recommend a x86 development machine for SharePoint development when targeting x64 OS for test and production. Output binaries are all .NET assemblies so you can reasonably expect all .NET assemblies built on the x86 dev box to still work on your x86 OS test and production machines. The CLR will JIT compile the .NET assembly on each target machine and will optimize for x64 OS when run on that architecture. Testing on x64 after doing development on x86 is still recommended.

And if like me you have x64 operating systems on all your x64 servers - then look to Hyper-V and host an x86 Windows Server 2008 for your development!

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Comments (3)

  1. I’d like to see sample  PSI extension,

    – Web service will be stored in SSP and, on PWA site should be Proxy webservice which forward the request to SSP.

  2. says:

    I would like to understand why it is that Microsoft keeps touting that x64 is where everything needs to go (most new Server Apps are x64-only and many Vista laptops ship as x64) yet there are development systems that just won’t work on it.  This is being released in August 2008, years since the launch of x64, yet their own internal projects can’t even develop for x64?  How in the world do they expect other people to do it?

    Granted the results are supposedly Any CPU, but that does me know good when I develop on an x64 workstation so that I can run virtual machines to local deving; its nice to be able to go beyond 4GB.  Its projects like this that just make you go "huh?" when looking at MS.


  3. Hi,

    Sorry you are haing  bad experience with x64 development.  Not exactly my area but if you can be a little more specific I can ensure this feedback gets to the right people.  Is things not working – or just limitation of features with x64?

    Best regards,


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