Coming Soon – the first Office Cumulative Updates

***Update3*** Read on for general Cumulative Update information - but we now have the December release and KBs - see 

***Update2*** Read on for general Cumulative Update information - but we now have the October release and KBs - see 

***UPDATE*** Now public - see 

You may already be familiar with the term Cumulative Updates for other Microsoft products, and now they are about to make their appearance in the Office world.  The idea of moving from individual hotfixes to a bi-monthly package of fixes is something that has benefits both for Microsoft and our customers. For Microsoft it increases efficiency in both coding and testing as it allows better planning of related fixes, and for our customers it gives a defined, predictable release pattern.  The first of these cumulative updates is just about ready, and I'll post links when the KB articles are live, and also some brief notes concerning some of the fixes, but you can also look out for KB956056 (MOSS 2007), KB956057 (WSS 3.0), KB956060 (Project 2007) and KB956061 (Project Server 2007) if you happen to be reading this long after 8/29/2008.  You do not require the WSS update to apply the Project Server one, but it will ensure you are up to date if you do apply it.  We would also recommend that you have the recent Infrastructure Updates installed for WSS and the Office Servers (which includes Project Server) before applying the cumulative updates.

For more details of the process see the Office Sustained Engineering blog at and also take a look at KB953878.

The KB article for the Office 2007 application suite (the regular Office clients) is already available at, however this does not include the Project client.

Comments (10)

  1. dj_palindrome says:

    The first (Aug 2008) Office 2003 SP3 Cumulative Update Package was supposed to be KB957023 – published Aug 29th. But it’s now September, and no hotfix link is anywhere to be found. Customer support says there’s nothing available.

  2. Hi DJ,

    Just making enquiries now. Somewhat ironic that for the Office 2007 August Cumulative Update I know the fixes are available but the KB articles are not up yet (as of 9/3), but for 2003 it seems the other way around…

    Best regards,


  3. Hi DJ,

    The answer is that KB957023 is the document, but each fix for different products (and in some case languages) has its own KB number.  So there isn’t an overall patch for Office 2003, but cumulative updates for different components.  If you get back to your support contact and tell them which product you are interested in fixing they should be able to find the right KB and associated fix (and although the fix will be available the specific document may not (yet).

    Best regards,


  4. dj_palindrome says:

    Thank you very much Brian; I realize my post was a bit off-topic, so I do appreciate your helpful response.

    I subscribe to all the relevant RSS feeds, so I’ll just wait and see what pops up. I must take some kind of perverse pleasure in fixing problems I didn’t know I had. Maybe I have to get out more 😉

  5. Shaun says:


    Did the cummalative update of Aug 08 solve the known issuses of Infrasturcture Update (AAMs’ not working for Public URL), becuase I didnot find this information in their description of MOSS hotfix ?

  6. Hi Shaun,

    I am not that familiar with that particular bug – I don’t see it listed in the WSS hotfix either.  I will do some digging…

    Best regards,


  7. Shaun says:

    Hi Brain,

    Thanks for quick turnaround. The issuse which I am talking about is listed in this KB Article

    under the section "Known issues discovered after release of this update".

    Guess, this might help you..

  8. Thanks Shaun – that will certainly make my digging easier!

  9. Ace says:

    We are experiencing the Issue where the Exchange server name appears as Instance-<GUID> (Exchange 2010 with Outlook 2003).  We've been told that this is bug OfficeQFE:28601 and is scheduled to be fixed in the February 2011 Office 2003 Cumulative Update.  Any word on an actual release date??

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