Waiting for Resources? – What happens when you provision a new Project Web Access site

One problem I have seen a few times is the Project Web Access site provisioning running into issues.  If it fails completely then the error messages are pretty good - and you can generally resolve the issue and re-try and everything will be good.  However, what do you do when it just sits on "Waiting for Resources" and nothing happens?  The quick answer is that this relies on the SharePoint Timer Service and a couple of Shared Service Provider services that can be viewed through Timer Job Definitions (Shared Services Timer Job and Project Server Synchronizing Job for 'SharedServices1' - or whatever yours is called).  If these are not running then you will be "Waiting for resources" for a very long time!  Also there could be multiple versions of the timer jobs if you have multiple SSPs so it can get confusing, particularly as the first one does not differentiate by name.  (Clue - the JobId in the URL for the job is the Id of the timer job row in the Objects table in SharePoint_Config database, and the Properties column from this row will lead you to the Guid of the TargetSharedResourceProvider - which will be the Id of the Shared Services Provider also in the same table.)

So to dig a little deeper so you can understand where it might be stuck I'll explain what is going on in the background which hopefully will help you find what is stopping it from working.

So, step 1 - you have been on the Create a Project Web Access Site page (CreatePWA.aspx) and entered all the details, and it goes back to the Manage Project Web Access Sites (ManagePWA.aspx) page and just sits there.  At that point a row has been added to the MIPScheduledJob table in the SharedService1_DB (your database name may vary - this is the default).  This is a pre-synchronizing job for the site, and is added to the database by the account running the Shared Services Provider application pool.

Step 2.  The Shared Service Timer Job picks up the row from this database table and adds a row to the SharePoint_Config database Objects table.  In the properties field of this table is some XML describing the site to be built, database names etc.  This timer job will run as the account of the farm administrator (i.e. the account running the OWSTIMER service)

Step 3.  The Project Server Synchronizing Job for 'SharedServices1' sees this row and actions it by creating the site, creating the database and then configuring the instance of PWA.  If everything is working you see the status change on the ManagePWA page as these different stages are processed, and finally it will say Provisioned!  Again, this timer service runs as the farm administrator.

Waiting for resources will be seen until the early stages of step 3.

So check all your services are running and your timer jobs are present and enabled and all should be good.  One other workaround that generally gets things moving again is to create  a new Shared Services Provider - which will then create new timer jobs and overcome any underlying issues.  The web applications can then be associated with the new SSP, the new SSP can be made the default if you are not using the old one for anything else, and the old one could be deleted.

I mention the databases here on the condition that you can look - but don't touch! 

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  1. Matt says:

    Brian great write up, I’ve just ran into this issue and I’m kind of stumped as to why it would be happening.  I followed your steps above and I get to the end of step 2 and verified the rows were added to the SharePoint_Config database but thats where it stops.  I look under my timer jobs status and definitions and I do not see Project Server Synchronizing Job for ‘SharedServices1’, I think this may be my problem but I have no idea.  Is there any way to create this? Thanks!


  2. Scanners says:


    Just ran into the same issue as Matt can you tell me if there is anyway of creating the job?


  3. I’m still trying to find out where the job gets deleted – so if you know that you have previously (and recently) created a PWA site it must have existed.  If you have ULS logs going back to this point and are prepared to let me have a look at them then please use the contact link.  The only current supported way is to create a new SSP and then change the associations of the current web site having the problem to the new SSP.  The new SSP should have a timer job and all will work.  This is generaly no great issue for Project Server but if you are also running MOSS and have configured stuff through the SSP you should seek advice from the SharePoint guys too.

    Best regards,


  4. Nicolas says:

    Hi Brian,

    I managed to create a instance of Project Web Access using the second SSP and it works ok. But the first SSP is still trying to provision the instance. Is there a way to remove that.

    Perhaps removing the related web application?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  5. Joe Crockett says:

    Hi Brian,

    I’ve gone off and created a new SSP and a new PWA site. I then go in and Edit the Project Web Access site (http://server:18525/ssp/admin/_layouts/createpwa.aspx?task=Edit), changing the database names to connect them to restored SQL Project Server databases (that have come from a different farm on a different server).

    It seems to work (it goes through all the motions), but then when you bring up the site it displays “An unexpected error has occurred.”

    Am I attempting to do the impossible? When I go through the Event log, it brings back such things as “Cannot start queue. SSP” and “GetLanguageInfo failed for PWA site.”


  6. Hi Joe,

    The correct way to do this would be just to create and name the other databases.  You cannot edit and change the database names without running into this problem.  SO you should be able to delete (then give it a few minutes to complete the asyn tasks) and then create a new site and things should be just fine.


  7. Scanners says:


    I am still having this issue and it has now started on another server.

    I have tryed to create a new SSP but all of the provisioned sites and the one which is wating will not move.

    I have even tryed deleting the site which is being provisened but then it just says “<Web Application not found>/projectserver” and still is waiting for resources.

    Please tell me if you have found anything out about this.


  8. Hi Mick,

    If you can find any clues in your ULS logs on what might have happened to the shared services timer job for your SSP that will certainly help to resolve this one.


  9. Nic says:

    Hi Brian!

    I also have the same problem with the Job. It was removed on two different farms and on one farm, happened for 2 SSPs.

    I managed to capture the deletion event from the event logs.  If it can help, let me know how I can send you the info.


  10. Hi Nic,

    Great news – I am keen to see the logs – you can send to brian.smith@microsoft.com.

    Best regards,


  11. tdowell says:

    Hi Brian,

    I’ve run into the same issue and am still looking for a way to resolve the issue without creating a new SSP.  This happened to me in to past and creating a new SSP left me in the same situation as Mick above.  Have you had any luck figuring this one out?

    Thanks, Todd

  12. Nothing supportable yet Todd.  I can hack the SharePoint Config database to recover the SSP – but need a better way than that…

    Best regards,


  13. AlexO says:

    Hi Brian,

    Same problem here – the provisioning of the PWA site is well and trully stuck. Could you post details on the SharePoint Config database hack?



  14. Erik says:


    we are also experiencing this issue – on a large MOSS Farm – with PS added…initially I was able to create PWA sites – but now cannot.

    we have added 3 WSS hot fixes and suspect these (KB 948957, 950279, 950280) per MS advice – then we had many event log errors which seem to have been resolved by KB 946517 –

    however, we can no longer provision –

    we had 1 stuck – then applied the last patch – then tried again with a new SSP – and it stuck –

    so now I have two SSP’s – both with stuck jobs –

    Also – if you make a new SSP – then you will lose the association of the existing PWA sites (we have more than 1) – yes?  I don’t see any way to tell the new SSP that existing PWA sites should move over.

    FYI  still searching for a solution –

    our next option is to remove all SSP’s, PWA’s, Web Apps – back to square one and see if that works –

    Question is – will this clear out the config entries?

  15. Hi Erik,

    If you create a new SSP then you can change the associations of the web applications that are hosting PWA (and even the ones that have "stuck") and then all the PWA’s should work as usual. As an example if you have an SSP on port 7777 hosting PWA on port 80 then you create a new SSP on port 8888 you can then change associations and associate port 80 t0 port 8888.  Once you have done this you can make 8888 the default SSP and delete the one on 7777.  The same applies if you have more site (for my sites) and more SSPs…

    Hope this help – but we are still rying to find what breaks this…

    Best regards,


  16. Kirkmcdaniel says:

    I am able to recreate the job, ie recreate the new provisiion site..it wont create the site..it will still say "waiting for resources" the event log starts the job, all informational, 3 entries, start, create databases events and the stop job…ie job finished…

    I dont think it creates the database entries…

    I never see the jobs in job status or definitions…

    still states waiting for resources –what resources is it waiting for????

  17. DJansen says:

    Has anyone found a resolution to this issue?

  18. Hi DJ,

    o good resolutions yet.  In most cases the resources it is waiting for come from a job that has been deleted for some as yet unknown reason.  The best answer is still to create a new SSP and then change the associations so that the new SSP with the right jobs can proceed with the provisioning.

    This is our standard workaround – if anyone has major reasons why this will not be a good workaround for them I would love to hear your reasons as it will help me to prioritise more efforts to find the root cause.

    Best regards,


  19. GaganGoel says:

    We recently patched the server (MOSS) + project server with infratsructure update and now while reprovisioning the PWA site we are again stuck at "Failed – see event log" message. I followed the blog and find that the "Project Server Sychronizing Job" is missing in production, not sure when this one got removed. It is present in our dev servers. Any idea how do we restore the pwa site without creating a new SSP. Any thoughts ?

  20. Sorry Gagan,

    Currently the only supported way known is to create a new SSP.  Usually however this issue gives waiting for resources and not Failed- See event log, so worth checking exactly why the event log said this had failed (but if the timer job isn’t there it still probably will not work – but yopu may have two different problems)

    Best regards,


  21. David Kearns says:

    Have you seen an already provisioned PWA site that has been in use for several month suddenly say "waiting for resources"?

    While documenting the service account PWA is running under we went to the SSP / PWA configuration page and i found that the PWA site was "waiting for resources".

    I can still log into PWA and modify projects as expected.

    Any ideas?

  22. Hi David,

    I haven’t seen this.  I’d start by looking at the ULS logs – although it would be difficult to tell how long it may have been in this state. It suggests a timer job was kicked off – perhaps by an upgrade (SP1, IU, CU?) and didn’t complete (or even get started).  It would be worth checking the Versions table in the published DB to make sure this matched your expectations based on the updates you have loaded.  See http://blogs.msdn.com/shaden/archive/2008/01/10/migrated-to-sp1-checking-your-database-schema-version.aspx for a list.

    Best regards,


  23. James says:

    Have you had any luck in finding a way to receate the Project Server Synchronizing Job?  This is the 3rd time this job just disappears and we can not longer create new pwa site.  

    Any idea why the job get deleted.  We are running MOSS and Project server and it is pain full to keep having to create a new ssp.  It takes me days to create and rebuild it to where it was just to get a timer job back.

  24. Kyza says:

    Hi all, i’m just finished investigation of this problem. In my case i found solution by disabling and again enabling JOB "Project Server Synchronizing Job for ‘SSP’".

    After that provision of Project Web Acces Site is completed without problems.

    Pavel Kyzivat

  25. reza says:

    hi brian,

    i’m still stuck with waiting for resource,

    i already follow all ur instruction, but till now my pwa still waiting for resource.

    i’m just intalling my project server 2007 with sql express….

    can you help me…please….:)


  26. Hi Reza,

    First check that the timer job is running OWSTimer, and if it is then as you are only just starting I’d start again.  Is there a reason you are choosing the SQL Express route?  It will work but gives less control than doing a custom installation.  You can still use SQL Express but install it first.  You may just need to create a new SSP as per the document above.  We are still working on other ways to work around this.

    Best regards,


  27. Reza says:

    Hi Brian,

    I just format my server and created a new one.

    In this server i use sql server enterprise 2005, sharepoint server enterprise 2007 and project server 2007.

    After installing the new one, i can create pwa with easy and normally (2 days ago)…but now when i want to create new pwa, status back to "waiting for resource". i already create new ssp, but same like the old ssp. when i check Application Server Administration Service Timer Job is running….

    and beside that, i can’t save my project to existing pwa…job failed.

    can you help me again??? anyone???





  28. Hi Reza,

    Normally we see new SSPs fix this issue, and if this isn’t working for you I would suggest opening a support incident – it isn’t easy to troubleshoot these types of issues.  The usual symptom is missing timer jobs – specifically "Project Server Synchronizing job for SharedServices1" or whatever your SSP is called.  Is your job missing?  You might also try the workaround at http://blogs.msdn.com/brismith/archive/2008/12/09/project-server-2007-has-your-cube-build-stopped-working-to-the-schedule.aspx which also relates to timer job problems.

    Last thing – is your hardware up to the job of running everything?

    Best regards,


  29. gosh says:

    Hi Brian,

    I’m also experiencing the ‘waiting-for-resources’ problem & I would like to try out the create-new-SSP workaround solution you proposed. However I still have several existing pwa sites that are running in the old SSP so i still want to maintain them as default & i can’t delete them. How should i go about?

    Appreciate your help…

  30. Hi Gosh, sorry for the delayed response.  As long as your SSP is not using the same web app as your existing PWA sites then you should have no problems.  Once you create a new SSP you can change associations of the web apps hosting the sites and your old PWAs will continue working under the new SSP.

    Best regards,


  31. LK says:

    Hello Brian

    I’m wondering if any more information is available on this now …

    I am having the same problem, I now have two pwa sites waiting to be provisioned with no joy, on the same shared service where an existing site is provisioned and working fine.  I would like to delete them, but the ‘menu’ isn’t showing yet .. can you tell me how to remove them from the Share Services Admin Web Access Site list …

    I did work through the process of creating a new shared service and a site was successfully provisioned, although I wasn’t able to see it once it was, and so I removed it via ‘remove site’ to try again however it seems that the databases still exist .. do they need to be deleted manually?

    I know that our dbo was backing up the data yesterday afternoon and stopped and later restarted the timer event which appears to have caused the timer problems.  



  32. Hi L,

    There is a fix in the February CU which works by replacing a missing timer job.  Please see my recent blog postings if you have MUI langauge packs installed.  You will need to manually delete any databases partially created – but the usual failure happens before the Project dbs get provisioned.  I hope this helps.

    Best regards,


  33. arduk says:

    Hi Brian,

    I am encountering a similar error – I try to create the PWA site collection, and it gets to the point of "Waiting for Resources". After a minute or 2 (I take it until the timer fires), the entry disappears, never to be seen again.

    There don’t appear to be any errors in the ULS logs or in the server event log (I can provide ULS log file with all diagnostic logging set to Verbose if you think it would help).

    I am attempting to create the PWA sites on my existing MOSS farm, and am extremely unkeen to create a new SSP, as migrating everything to a new SSP would be quite time consuming, this solution also seems to be a bit dodgy – if it happens again, do I have to keep moving everything to a new SSP?

    If you have any suggestions or have encountered this problem before, I would be very interested in them!

    Thanks in advance


  34. Hi Richard,

    You don’t say what SP or CU you have loaded, but certainly worth opening a support incident to get some help with this.  I can fully understand not wanting to create a new SSP.  I have heard of this behavior but don’t know off the top of my head what happens and why the job just disappears.

    Best regards,


  35. arduk says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks very much for taking the time to respond – I really appreciate it!!

    My apologies for not providing sufficient information. I am currently running SP1, and am in the process of installing and testing SP2 on our DEV environment, before putting this onto production to see if this makes a difference.

    If that doesn’t make a difference, then I will open a support incident, however from talking to other people, it sounds like one of the first courses of action will be to create a new SSP, so I may end up in the same position?

    I will get SP2 on, and let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again for taking the time to respond!

  36. arduk says:

    Hi Brian,

    I have now updated to SP2, and am experiencing the same problem – any other ideas, or am I straight to a support incident?

    Thanks in advance!

  37. arduk says:

    Hi Brian,

    Just to let you know that we have resolved the issue that I mentioned above. Turned out to be purely operator error – we have a server in the sharepoint farm which is only running SQL Server reporting services. It shows up in the server list as "Not Configured", so apparently it wasn’t thought necessary to install the project binaries on this server.

    After installing the project binaries, and then re-running the config wizard, I am able to create PWA sites correctly.

    Thanks very much for your attempts to assist me with this, I really appreciate you taking the time to get back to me, especially as it turns out not to be a problem with the product at all.

  38. Excellent!  Glad things are working for you now, and thanks for the feedback too.

    Best regards,


  39. joeproject says:


    I’m having the same issue as arduk.  We are developing and testing a disaster recovery methodology.  We deleted the PWA instance, deleted the databases, attempted recreating the PWA instance and it just disappears.  

    To answer your longstanding question, we dont want to create a new SSP because this is a large deployment and a lot of work with other MOSS web applications containing large amounts of data has been completed already (and we dont want to lose all of that due to our Project Server instance, which has no data in it).

    In the middle of writing this post, we ran the SharePoint config wizard on the app server and it brought the PWA instance back, so we at least have our baseline back.

    For some reason, each time we create an instance (which creates the 4 Project DBs) and use an existing content DB, the 4 Project Dbs continue to appear in the SharePoint Config database (as rows) even after the 4 Project DBs are deleted in SQL.  This causes an error when we attempt to achieve our overall goal of creating a new instance while using existing DBs.

    I’ve checked the timer jobs, event service, and queue service, and they are all both present and running successfully.

    It’s all a bit confusing and problematic, so if you have any input it is much appreciated.

  40. mobrien118 says:

    Hi Brian,

    We are having the same issue. We had a fully provisioned PWA, but then, after installing IU, SP1 and a few OS KBs (KB946517, KB950426), we are back "Waiting for Resources" again. We have tried migrating the whole SSP to our test server and it appears to be successful, but a few functions are not working there (timesheets and force check-in, specifically). There is a lot of work put into some SharePoint workflows in a PWA sub-site that we would desperately like to avoid losing. Can you provide any information on if changing SSPs will cause the same error? Is there any forward motion on cause/solution? Can you provide the information on the manual fix?

    Your help is greatly appreciated!


  41. Hi Joe,

    I have seen some cases where Project dbs that are no longer in use are still in the config db and break the config wizard.  How did you delete the PWA instance?  If you delete through the SSP UI then this should clean everything up – but it won’t actually delete the databases.  It is an async process so not sure if there is a bug with the clean up – or if sometimes it isn’t given a chance to finish and dropping the dbs might then confuse SharePoint and they get left in the config db.  There is an stsadm command to clean up things – but getting a support incident to help you through it might be best.

    To mobrien too, the "waiting for resources" should be fixed with the February CU, but best to apply the latest CU – particularly if you are running non EN-US systems – as the Feb CU solved one problem by creating another.

    Best regards,


  42. mobrien118 says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, even after successfully installing the June CU, the timer job is still not present and the PWA is still "Waiting for Resources"… I guess it is time to open a support incident with Microsoft. What do you think?


  43. Sreedev says:

    Hi Brian,

    I Installed Project Server 2007, and then created a project web access site from share point 3.0 centrel administration. The PWA site status is provisioned, but when i open the site. it shows "An unexpected error has occurred.

    Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services."

    Can you please help me out ?

    Thanks in advance.


  44. ItsMeHowYouDuin says:

    To delete a PWA that is stuck "Waiting for Resources" without creating an new SSP run:

    stsadm -o projdeletepwainstance -url http://sitename/PWA_Site

    After running the projdeletepwainstance command it creates another timer job and you can then delete the PWA that is being provisioned.

  45. Thanks for sharing Colby!

    Best regards,


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