My Queue is Still Stuck! – Troubleshooting Steps

As a follow up to my previous queue post these are the steps I follow when investigating queue issues:-

  • Is the queue running?
    • Check services and ULS/event log if for some reason it is not running at all - it could be a password change that means the Microsoft .Office.Project.Server.Queuing service isn't starting
    • Look for active Active Cache category messages in the ULS logs - the category Project Server Active Cache Sav logs jobs writing data into the queue - this can help identify if a job that appears "stuck" is still actually doing some work.  Sometimes the % complete in the queue may not move for a while 
    • Use Task Manager on the Application Server to see if …Queuing.exe is busy - a queue service consuming most of the processor and lots of RAM may mean it is just very busy - or could point to a data issue.  Again the ULS logs will help identify the root of the problem
    • Add the “Success” to the job completion states to see when the last successful job was
  • Is it just one job that is not going through?
    • Look for the earliest non-successful appearance of this job in the queue and troubleshoot the first failure – you may need to change the Job History if this was a day or more ago
  • Is there a legitimate reason for the slow/stopped queue?
    • Any Failed and Blocking Correlation jobs? Troubleshoot these from the ULS logs
    • A Cube Build, Reporting Database rebuild or just a very busy server can all mean that jobs may sit around for a while
    • All of these potential delays should be evident from the Manage Queue screen – although a user may not be aware of this if they are just looking at their personal queue

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Comments (4)

  1. Hammad says:


    We are running MS Project server with two tier architecture (Database server and Application Server).

    Sometimes when we restart the SQL Server services, The Project server looses its communication and the jobs in queue stucks up.

    The problem remains until we restart the application server.

    I know it is not a good practice so could you please suggest me a way to deal with such type of situation without restarting the Application server?


  2. You don't need to re-start the whole application server Hammad – just the Project Application Service within the farm – or re-starting the Queue and Event Service within the Windows Services applet. I thought this was what you meant you were doing – not restarting the server. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

    Best regards,


  3. Hammad says:

    Thanks Brian,

    but I am not able to find Queue and Event Service in mr Project Application Server.

  4. Hammad says:

    oh sorry, My bad.. I found it.

    Thanks Brian! 🙂

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