IP Security in IIS Express

If you’re building an Azure website and you want to add IP security, there are quite a few blog posts about how to make that happen. I’m just going to summarize them here for you. In your web.config, add a new element under configuration/system.webServer. The new element is security and underneath is ipSecurity. You can read up on…


Getting Started with Power Query for Excel

Power Query v1 launched a few months ago. Power Query is part of the Microsoft Power BI suite. If you’re interested in getting started with Power Query, here are some helpful resources: Help page – This includes helpful topics such as the Introduction to Microsoft Power Query for Excel Download v1  – This is our…


Ode to Data Explorer

To the tune of The Candy Man by Sammy Davis Jr. Who can talk to SQL, sprinkle with Hadoop Cover it with Sharepoint and a miracle or two Data Explorer, oh Data Explorer can Data Explorer can causes it mixes it with love and makes your data taste good. Who can take a table, merge…


TFS Work In Progress Shelvesets

By now you all know that you should save your progress often. This batch file will quickly create a TFS shelveset with all your current changes. The shelveset will be named with the current date and time. You can specify an optional parameter which will be used as the comment for the shelveset. Be sure…


Windows Server 2008 R2 and Desktop Gadgets

Running Windows Server 2008 R2 as a desktop OS does have it’s advantages. As a tester, Hyper V is key to my daily work. I love desktop gadgets though and have written some custom ones that really help me throughout the day. Gadgets aren’t available by default though, but they seem to work with a…


Outlook Rules

I live in Microsoft Outlook at work and at home. At home I can just let everything dump into my inbox and keep up with it, but that doesn’t work for the hundreds (or thousands?) of emails I get each day at work. There are lots of theories about how to manage your email, but…


Traffic Analysis with Microsoft Data Explorer

For the past couple months, I’ve been running a simple app on my desktop which records the estimated length of my commute using Bing Maps Traffic. The output is stored in a CSV file. The CSV file looks like this: 12/1/2011,5:07 PM,HomeToWork,22:26 12/1/2011,5:07 PM,WorkToHome,33:44 12/1/2011,5:12 PM,HomeToWork,22:47 12/1/2011,5:12 PM,WorkToHome,35:20 12/1/2011,5:17 PM,HomeToWork,22:09 12/1/2011,5:17 PM,WorkToHome,35:33 12/1/2011,5:22 PM,HomeToWork,22:04 12/1/2011,5:22…


Fantasy NASCAR + Microsoft Data Explorer

As a member of the Data Explorer team and a fan of NASCAR, it was only natural (or not?) that I would combine the two. Besides, it’s fun to file bugs to our dev team who overwhelming choose soccer as their favorite sport. Even as I write this I can hear them saying, “It’s football,…


How to Override a WP7 App Submission

I love writing apps for Windows Phone, and I’ve devoted quite a lot of time to my most popular one, CascadeSkier. A few times along the way, I’ve discovered a major bug AFTER submitting my application for marketplace testing. In both cases, these were not bugs that the marketplace process was going to catch. Because…


Bug Tales: WP7 Secondary Live Tiles

In my spare time, I have written quite a few Windows Phone applications. By far the best and most popular one is CascadeSkier. In a recent update, I switched from pushing out live tiles from a centralized server to having the phone generate it’s own live tiles. It’s a fantastic feature from the Mango update….