Azure SQL DB with more than 4 readable secondaries

If you try to create more than 4 geo-replicas in the Portal it will fail with the error message “Replication limit reached. The database ‘XXXXX’ cannot have more than 4 replication relationships.” There are 3 ways to resolve this problem:


Tips & Tricks : What you need to do to create SQL Login to authenticate to Azure SQL DBs members in Auto-Failover Group

Sometimes we found it is tricky to setup SQL Login account other than default built-in SQL Admin and using them to allow SQL application access to login to Azure Server and Databases members in Auto-Failover Group! First I would like to briefly summarize Auto-Failover Group feature introduced to Azure SQL DB as a part of…

Lesson Learned #8: Monitoring the geo-replicated databases.

We received multiple requests in order to have answered the following questions: Is there needed a maintenance plan for geo-replicated databases? How to monitor the geo-replicated databases Answering the question: “Is it needed a maintenance plan for geo-replicated databases?”, No, there is not needed because is you have a maintenance plan for rebuilding indexes and update statistics…