How to get more information about failed import to Azure SQL DB


If you try to import bacpac to Azure SQL DB and it failed you will probably get this indication from the notification

Figure 1 – notification on failed import operation.

Also, in "Import / Export History" sometimes (depend on the failure reason) you may not see any records for the failed import

Figure 2 – no information shows in Import/Export History

As this does not give you more information about the reason for the failure this article explains how to get this information.


Click on the resource group where the Azure SQL Server is located (you have link to the resource group from the server's overview blade)

Click on Deployment under the correct Resource Group

Click on "Error Details" on the import deployment that had the failure

Figure 3 – error details.

As you can see in my case the import failed due to bad login name and password.

The exception states that: Login failed for user Yochanan.

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