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  1. Tarek Nabeel says:

    Excellent post , thanks !

  2. Adeel Rehman Sheikh says:

    Thank you, Mohamad

  3. deepak says:

    Is there a way we can schedule for it to be stored on our local machine?

    1. Currently no, you would have to write a second script using something like azcopy to download the bacpac from blob storage.

  4. Adam Levitt says:

    I’d like to do this using C# Azure SDK instead of powershell. Is there a code example for that?

  5. Adithep Pruekpitakpong says:

    Perfect post! Thank you!

    One more question. How much does Automation Accounts cost?
    As I know, Microsoft Azure charges for Storage Account which we use to keep .bacpac.

    1. According to the calculator you can either do the free option for 500 minutes of process time or $0.002/minute of process time (running time for automation runbooks)

  6. Adam Levitt says:

    New-AzureRmSqlDatabaseExport — this command is not recognized. Anything I’m missing here?

  7. Morten says:

    “For an archive to be transactionally consistent, you must either ensure that no write activity is occurring during the export or export from a transactionally consistent copy of your Azure SQL database”

    I’m guessing this script does not account for the problem above?

    1. Correct, you need to do a CREATE DATABASE AS COPY operation (or copy via powershell) to be safe.

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