Service Fabric with Humio Monitoring

Having a solid monitoring solution is paramount to running production workloads in the cloud. Running your workloads on Service Fabric allows you to integrate with a monitoring solution of your choice since diagnostics are transmitted through standard formats. We are pleased to announce another monitoring integration with Humio, a log management system providing real time diagnostics, analysis, and visualization of the telemetry in your applications and the Service Fabric platform!

Humio is a real-time observability solution focused on changing the way users view all data across entire complex, distributed systems. The platform empowers teams to log all their data with sub-second ingest latency and highly-efficient (5-20x) data compression so users can aggregate, search and explore live log data.

To learn more about the integration between Humio and Azure Service Fabric check out the docs here:
To see the implementation of the integration, check out the GitHub repo:
To sign up for a free trial of Humio click here:


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    Thank You So much for such a useful piece of content. Your article contains such a piece of useful information about Service Fabric which even I don’t know how to use and implement.


    – Aman Kumar

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