Monitoring Service Fabric with CloudMonix

We are pleased to share another partnership with a monitoring solution! Azure Service Fabric customers can send diagnostics data from their clusters to CloudMonix's SaaS solutions.


Developed by Paraleap Technologies, CloudMonix is cloud-based monitoring, auto-scaling and self-healing service, with extensive support for Azure. Once authorized against your Azure subscription, CloudMonix auto-discovers VM Scale Sets that run Service Fabric, along with over 40 other types of different Azure components it can monitor. It provides starter monitoring configurations with default metrics and alerts custom-tailored by Paraleap and Microsoft teams.


Beyond monitoring capabilities, CloudMonix provides extensive auto-scaling features, where by Service Fabric clusters can be auto-scaled by using a variety of different signals and without any code changes or redeployments. This can be used for scaling your cluster one node at a time, ensuring that autoscaling a cluster in and out is safe and predictable. CloudMonix also integrates with a vast majority of popular ITSM, Alerting and DevOp tools, extending the Service Fabric monitoring experience further.


To learn more about the integration between CloudMonix and Azure Service Fabric click here:

To learn more about auto-scaling of Azure VM Scale Sets (underlying platform for Service Fabric clusters) click here:

To learn more about self-healing of Azure VM Scale Sets click here:

To signup for a free 2-week trial of CloudMonix click here:


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