Azure Service Fabric Troubleshooting Guides

We are excited to open source our troubleshooting guides! Please check them out on Github and contributions are welcome. As a team that builds and operates Service Fabric at massive scale, hosting millions of microservices internally within Microsoft for over a decade, we’ve learned a lot of patterns on how to quickly troubleshoot and mitigate common incidents. These are part of Troubleshooting guides leveraged by Azure Customer Support Services and Site Reliability Engineers to mitigate incidents. The publication of these Troubleshooting Guides is in alignment with our commitment to open source and intended to build a community driven knowledge base for self-service mitigations. The repository structure aligns to the Azure Customer Support Service portal case creation recommendations, and initial category of focus for publication is Security; we will be publishing hundreds more over the next several weeks. These Troubleshooting Guides are for Azure hosted clusters; Please feel free to immediately begin using these and contributing to the community knowledge base! 

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