Service Fabric 6.1 Release

We are excited to announce version 6.1 of Service Fabric.

General availability of .NET Standard 2.0 on Service Fabric for Windows

Version 3.0 of the Service Fabric .NET NuGet packages are now available with .NET Standard 2.0 support. In this release the Service Fabric NuGet packages also continue to support earlier versions of .NET Framework, down to 4.5.2. Support for full cross-platform .NET Core 2.0 services is coming out incrementally. In this release, .NET Core 2.0 services are only supported on Service Fabric for Windows. Full cross-platform support for .NET Core 2.0 services on Windows and Linux is coming soon.

Docker Health Check Integration and Logs

Service Fabric now automatically integrates Docker Health Check events into its system health report. This means that you can configure the integration behavior by specifying it as HealthConfigs options in the ApplicationManifest. Check out the release notes for more information. We've also introduced APIs to get logs from running containers. Logs are also being exposed in Service Fabric Explorer.

Service Fabric Explorer Standalone

We have released a version of Service Fabric Explorer (SFX) as a standalone application for Windows and Linux. You can use the SFX Standalone without having to install the Service Fabric SDK. This is a step to enabling us to release more frequent updates to the GUI management tool for Service Fabric. At the same time we have also open sourced the code, enabling all of you to contribute. Check out this doc to read more about SFX standalone The GitHub repository for Service Fabric Explorer can be found here

Service Fabric Clusters in DevTest Labs

Azure DevTest Labs is a service that helps developers and testers quickly create environments in Azure while minimizing waste and controlling cost. Using the new environment feature in Azure DevTest Labs, we have published guidance on how to use this for Service Fabric clusters. This gives you a great way of optimizing and control your cloud spending working with Service Fabric clusters. See this blog post for more information:

Service Fabric Linux Clusters in a Container

We have provided a pre-configured Docker container image to run Service Fabric Linux clusters in a container. The main scenario is to provide a light-weight development experience for MacOS, but the container will also run on Linux and Windows, using Docker CE.

To get started, follow the directions here: and

New Visual Studio Service Fabric Tooling 2.0

We have an updated version of our Visual Studio Service Fabric Tools! It contains the following new functionality:

  • .NET Core 2.0 project templates
  • Publish dialog now allows you to create a new test cluster from within Visual Studio
  • Refresh mode and one-node cluster are now the defaults

If you are using Visual Studio 2017 the updated tooling is part of the 15.5.6 update, you will receive a notification within Visual Studio. If you are using Visual Studio 2015 you can get the updated tooling using Web Platform Installer, check the release notes for direct download links.

Release Notes

The release notes for this release, including download links and repository references can be found here: Microsoft-Azure-Service-Fabric-Release-Notes-SDK-3.0-Runtime-6.1

Cluster Upgrade

Versions 6.1.183 (Linux) and 6.1.456 (Windows) of the runtime are now available for new and existing clusters in Azure. Existing Windows clusters are being upgraded with these releases, if configured for automatic upgrades.

Service Fabric Standalone Package for Windows

The standalone package for Windows version 6.1 is available here: Download link

Service Fabric .NET SDK

The 3.0 version of the Service Fabric .NET SDK, will be available for download through Web Platform installer (WebPI), early next week. Check the release notes for direct download links.

Learn more about Service Fabric

Head over to our docs landing page for great quickstarts and tutorials: and try Service Fabric for free in a Party Cluster:

All the best,

The Service Fabric Team


EDIT: No, .NET Framework 6.1 isn't coming out anytime soon. Apologies for the typo!

Comments (4)
  1. When will this be released on Azure?

  2. When will service fabric 6.1.456.9494 be released to Azure so that I can update my existing clusters and test the deployment of .Net Core applications?

    1. Matt Snider says:

      It is rolling out now, we expect it to be global by the end of the week.

  3. sans_india85 says:

    I installed the latest Service Fabric .NET SDK. In Visual Studio 2017 (15.5.6), the .Net Core 2.0 templates says Reliable Services support a variety of communication stacks such as Web API and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). I would like to know if WCF is supported natively in .Net Core 2.0.

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