Service Fabric 6.0 Second Refresh Release for Windows Server Standalone, Azure and .NET SDK

Today we have released a new version of the SDK and are in the process of rolling out a new runtime to Azure clusters.

This release is both a refresh to clusters running in Azure (Linux and Windows), a refresh to the .NET SDK and the second 6.0 release of Service Fabric for Windows Server (Standalone).

At this time we have made the SDK available for download and are about to start the upgrade and roll-out to clusters in Azure. The upgrade will go on over the next days, so expect your clusters to upgrade anytime soon, if you are running with Automatic upgrade in Azure.

Check out the release notes for the details: Microsoft-Azure-Service-Fabric-Release-Notes-SDK-2.8.CU2-Runtime-6.0.CU2


The Service Fabric Team

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  1. senj says:

    Can you tell me the current state of .netstandard2.0 support?
    On the first 6.0 release it was some kind of “beta”. When can we expect a stable release with 2.0 support?

    1. Hi senj, the current release of the .net 2.0 standard compliant SDK is that it’s in preview. We expect this to become general available before the end of the year.

  2. CostasZ says:

    Mikkel, what is the state of the following:
    On Prem Linux with .net standard 2.0 support (reliable services & actors not just guest executables).
    On Prem Windows with .net standard 2.0 support (reliable services & actors not just guest executables).


    1. CostasZ, .NET Standard 2.0 support is available in preview today, on both Windows and Linux. These bits are the same across clusters on Azure or on-prem/standalone, but since Linux clusters are not yet available in Standalone, this applies to Windows only, right now. We are working on the GA for this early next year. We are also targeting having Linux standalone clusters in preview early next year. Just as a heads up, there are some known issues re support for .NET Standard 2.0 being discussed in the GitHub issues repo.

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