Service Fabric 6.0 Refresh Release for Windows Server Standalone, Azure and .NET SDK

Today we have released a new version of the SDK and are in the process of rolling out a new runtime to Azure clusters.

This release is both a refresh to clusters running in Azure (Linux and Windows), a refresh to the .NET SDK and the first 6.0 release of Service Fabric for Windows Server (Standalone).

At this time we have made the SDK available for download and are about to start the upgrade and roll-out to clusters in Azure. The upgrade will go on over the next days, so expect your clusters to upgrade anytime soon, if you are running with Automatic upgrade in Azure.

Check out the release notes for the details: Microsoft-Azure-Service-Fabric-Release-Notes-SDK-2.8.CU1-Runtime-6.0.CU1


The Service Fabric Team

Comments (8)

  1. Sanjay Debnath says:

    Doc link not working

    1. It’s a PDF document. I can open it in the few browsers I’ve tried.

  2. Mikael Nygaard says:

    Did you change the policy about only upgrading 5.X clusters to V6 manually.

    Looks like one of our clusters automatically has been upgrade from 5.7 to 6.0.219, which is not what I had expected.

    1. Hi Mikael, the 6.0 Refresh release (Windows 6.0.219 / Linux 6.0.127) has been put on the automatic upgrade path, meaning all cluster with automatic upgrade setting are being upgraded to this release. The first 6.0 release (Windows 6.0.211 / Linux 6.0.120) was an exception to this.

  3. Robert Austin says:

    The release notes say – Standalone installer package is now included in the SDK. After installing the SDK, where do I find the CAB file in order to perform the manual upgrade of an on-premises cluster?

    1. Robert – the .cab file is downloaded at the time of installation automatically. If you are creating an internet-disconnected cluster, the latest runtime .cab file is available for download here:

  4. JohnnyC says:

    I recently updated my AspNetCore 2.0 StatelessService solution from 5.7.198/2.7.198 to 6.0.219/2.8.219 as well as the Microsoft.VisualStudio.Azure.Fabric.MSBuild package from 1.6.1 to 1.6.3. The solution compiled without error but once deployed I notice that the XML documentation file, previously part of the deployment and copied to Service Fabric is no longer present. Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?

    1. JohnnyC says:

      I’m not sure why I’m having this issue only now, but I have found a fix.

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