Release of SDK 2.6.220 and Runtime 5.6.220 refresh for Windows

This release is a new refresh of the 5.6/2.6 release with a small set of bug fixes, mainly in the runtime for the DNS Service and its integration with the host operating system's DNS cache, in addition to bug fixes for replication and resource governance.
As always, check out the release notes for all the details.
The Service Fabric Team

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  1. Hans Ravnaas says:


    Would anyone be able to point me to an issue link on github or something for “Fixed an issue with loss of replica checkpoints and copy logs”? I’d like see more details of the symptoms, possibly a stack track if there is one, to determine if we are affected.


  2. R. says:

    Is it still the same download link? How can I make sure I have the refresh version not the originally released version?

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