Service Fabric at Build 2017

Build 2017 has officially begun, so come by the Service Fabric booth (Cloud Platform Booth #1) to pick up some swag, ask any questions, or check out some of our demos during the next three days! We’ve made some big changes in Service Fabric and are excited to share the new features with you. Make sure to attend our “Azure Service Fabric, microservices, containers, and the road ahead” talk on Thursday, at 4pm. We are also hosting a few other talks, and Service Fabric will be mentioned in several others. Here is a list of talks that we are recommend you attend, and we look forward to seeing you there!


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  1. David says:

    Why the P4020 “ASP.NET Core + Azure Service Fabric” is not in this list and also absent from the search results in channel9?

    I think that one is a MUST for everyone doing service fabric,

    1. Matt Snider [MSFT] says:

      Missing from search results is usually just a tagging/indexing issue. We are working to get those resolved. Why it was missing from the slide was just a space thing. Thanks for pointing it out! It is a great session.

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