Release of Service Fabric SDK 2.0.217

Today, we are releasing a small refresh of the Service Fabric SDK, version 2.0.217. This update includes a number of bug fixes, which are described in the release notes. The Service Fabric Runtime version included with this SDK (version 5.0.217) has also been rolled out to your Azure-hosted clusters. Now that we are GA, Runtime and SDK updates are backward-compatible so you can update to this release at your convenience.

This release does not include any changes to the Visual Studio tools, so if you have already installed the GA SDK (2.0.135), you can download the update here regardless of whether you're using Visual Studio 2015 or the Visual Studio "15" Preview. If you are still on a preview release or are new to Service Fabric, you can choose to install the SDK with tools for Visual Studio 2015 or Visual Studio "15" Preview.

Please note that in addition to updating your SDK, you will need to update the NuGet packages for your existing applications in order to consume the SDK-specific bug fixes listed in the release notes.

Finally, many of you have asked where to report and track resolution of issues that you run into while using the product, which to date have been scattered across forums and long comment threads in the documentation. To help, we've created a GitHub repo specifically for tracking issues and making smaller feature requests. Take a look at the readme there for guidance on the various ways to engage with us.


The Service Fabric Team

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  1. Reinhard says:

    Hi when do you expect to release the next update of Service Fabric SDK which includes a template for usage of Service Fabric together with ASP.NET Core 1 RC2?

    1. It’s been released now.

  2. Diego Ayala says:

    What happens if I do not update ServiceFabric to the new current version and keep my cluster in a version that no longer has support, such as the 5.6 that expires on 13 Oct 2017?

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