Azure AD B2C UserJourney Reports deprecated, use Audit Events Reporting instead

Azure AD B2C UserJourney Reports API is now deprecated.

Azure Active Directory B2C UserJourney reports, currently in preview, are now deprecated. In their place, the AAD Audit Events, B2C category have been enriched to provide more timely updates in a common approach for audit events that is cross-compatible across all Azure Active Directory.

What is deprecated?
The following two reports are deprecated:

  • @b2cUserJourneyEvents

When will the report become inactive?
On April 3, 2018.

What should be used instead?

Azure Portal
Azure Active Directory / Activity: Audit logs / Category: B2C replaces the functionality of the @b2cUserJourneyEvents with improved visibility over types of signin (e.g. ID token, access token, Identity Provider) as well as policy invoked, client type, and client IP address.

Summary Events are not available, but the raw event information can be aggregated offline by downloading events. Seven (7) days of data will be retained. We recommend that developers create their own scripts to export and aggregate data weekly or as needed in accordance with their own data-storage privacy and security requirements.

API Access
Access to Audit Event data is possible following the same exact steps for all Azure Active Directory audit reports and filtering under category: ‘B2C’.

Application Insights

A few advanced developers using Azure AD B2C with custom policies, may need richer event reporting to help troubleshoot their user journeys during development and pre-production testing.  See documentation for details.


Other updates to reporting?

We plan to deprecate the usage reporting API, which aggregates usage data most closely related to billing data during the first half of 2018.  Events reporting will be used in their place as described above.  More information will be available as the implementation progresses.


Send us questions or feeback about the new reporting API to:

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