[Mitigated] Customers were not able to create new Azure AD B2C Directories

Between 01:00 AM 7/13 UTC and 06:30 PM 7/13 UTC most customers were not able to create a Azure AD B2C directory in the Azure Portal.  The issue has been mitigated and customers are able to create new B2C directories now. The error was “Unable to complete due to service connection error, please try again later”….

[Mitigated 6/18] Azure AD B2C settings menu unable to load for a small set of customers

A very small set of customers experienced failures loading the Azure AD B2C settings menu in the Azure portal intermittently. This issue did not impact  end-users authenticating against Azure Active Directory B2C. As a temporary workaround, administrators should load the settings menu in a different browser or using the Private mode. As per our investigation, the…

Twitter Login changes to signin handshake. Some customers affected. Here is the fix.

Note: If you are using a URL other than login.microsoftonline.com (for example <yourtenant>.b2clogin.com), please replace login.microsoftonline.com in step #2 accordingly. What is New? Twitter has made some updates to their sign in handshake (https://twittercommunity.com/t/action-required-sign-in-with-twitter-users-must-whitelist-callback-urls/105342). It requires a setting change in a small number of AAD B2C tenants only where Twitter was configured manually as an…

UI updates for creating/editing policies; Application access management for minors

We have updated the UI area for the create and edit policy experience! We’re hoping these improvements streamline the process of creating policies and makes editing much easier.  To access this new UI, simply use this link.  Keep in mind that this UI is still in private preview and you should not use this in…


[Issue mitigated] Users may not be receiving email verification codes

Starting at 19:27 UTC on 4/27, some Azure AD B2C customers may have begun experiencing issues receiving verification emails while signing up for new email-based accounts or resetting their passwords. Engineers mitigated the issue at 20:36 UTC. The service should now be running normally.  


[Issue mitigated] Users are unable to sign into Azure AD B2C

The issue that was affecting all Azure AD B2C customers has been mitigated. All customers should see their traffic returning to normal. Our engineers are continuing to monitor the situation to ensure all data centers remain healthy. Details about the issue is posted in the Status history on the Azure Status page. _______________________________________________________________________________ [Original Post…


Issue Mitigated: B2C Admin Portal Access had intermittent latency issues in Northern Europe

Earlier today (4/2/18), between approximately 08:00 UTC and 18:15 UTC, some customers using portal.azure.com in northern Europe may have experienced latency issues while loading the Azure AD B2C administrative experience. This issue, which was caused by long timeouts when retrieving tenant configuration data, has been mitigated. Any customers who may have previously experienced this issue should…


Issue Mitigated: Login page not displaying properly in Australia

Earlier today, some users in Australia were unable to render Azure AD B2C’s sign in pages due to a local CDN (aspnetcdn.com) returning incorrect content. The issue has been mitigated. Specifically, the issue was caused by an incorrect content-type being returned when the client fetched JQuery. The engineering team deployed a fix to mitigate the…


Customers using Facebook as an identity provider should ensure their Facebook application is configured correctly to avoid disruption

Recently, Facebook enabled “Strict Mode” for all of their applications, requiring that the redirect URL passed in the sign in request be an exact match with one in your Valid OAuth redirect URIs list. For Azure AD B2C customers that have Facebook configured as an identity provider, please double check that you are able to successfully…


New feature to restrict the URL users are redirected to after logout

In order to sign out a user, an application that is secured using Azure AD B2C needs to make a logout request to the B2C service. As part of this request, a URL needs to be specified that the user will be redirected to once Azure AD B2C completes the sign out request. For extra…