Issue mitigated: Limited functionality when administering Azure AD B2C settings on Sept. 7, 2017

Issue mitigated:

Between 19:38 UTC and 21:54 UTC on Sept. 7, 2017,  Azure AD B2C encountered a service issue that prevented administrators from being able to manage newly created Azure AD B2C tenants for policy operations and perform certain administrative actions such as creating a new user attribute or adding a new identity provider for existing Azure AD B2C Tenants. This issue was limited to administrative operations only -- there was no impact to end user functionality, such as signing in.

The issue has been mitigated and resolved. We will be reaching out to the few customers who were impacted via email to those who have a subscription linked and may have encountered the issue. If you experienced difficulties with our admin portal during this time we are sorry for the inconvenience , please try again.

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