How do I delete my Azure AD B2C tenant?

This is a frequently-asked question from customers.

Follow these steps to delete your Azure AD B2C tenant:

  • Follow these steps to navigate to the B2C features blade on the Azure portal.
  • Navigate to the Applications, Identity providers, and All policies blades and delete all the entries in each of them.
  • Delete all of the users from the Users and groups blade.
  • Inside the B2C directory, navigate to the Azure Active Directory extension from the left.
  • Click App registrations.
  • Delete the application called b2c-extensions-app.
  • Navigate back to the Azure Active Directory extension again.
  • Click Delete directory at the top of the blade. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

Common problems:

You may be unable to delete your Azure AD B2C applications because they are in a faulted state. They may be in a faulted state for two reasons:

  1. The apps were created in Log in there using the admin account that created the apps and delete them.
  2. The service principal objects have been accidentally deleted. Follow the instructions in this post to delete them.

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