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Update multiple records with ‘Fill Utility’

Fill Utility:

The Fill utility enables authorized users and/or administrators to mass-update records, similar to the find and replace functionality. This utility assists administrators or users during implementations or when business process changes affect multiple records.

Caution:   1) It is recommended practice to take backup of entire database before performing this 'Fill Utility' operation.

                 2) It is recommended to use this feature during implementations (or) when business process changes affect multiple records.

Enable configuration key:

Path: Dynamics Ax > Administration > Setup > System > Configuration > Under Administration tree (Enable 'Fill Utility' option)

Note: Please follow the standard procedure to enable this configuration. This may require restart of AOS & Data dictionary sync to make sure changes take immediate effect.

Fill Utility usage:

Open the form that contains the field to update.

Example:  Dynamics Ax > Accounts Receivable > Common forms > Customer details > Select required customer record > payment tab

Right click on the field 'Ledger account' field > Record info

Click button 'Fill Utility'

We can select the criteria here

Click button 'OK'

Validate the records and click 'OK'

Select new 'Terms of payment' = N045 (here we have to specify new terms of payment)

Click 'OK'

Caution: Be aware that changing numerous records at the same time can be time-consuming.

Fill Utility log:

Path: Dynamics Ax > Basic > Inquiries > Fill Utility log

Security key: Adminfillutility

This completes 'Fill Utility' feature details from usage.

Comments (3)
  1. Reinhold says:


    In my AX40 Installation, there is no configuration key "Administration /Fill Utility".

    What to do?

    Kind regards

  2. Peter says:

    Very nice. Thank you

  3. Scott says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough. Is this functionality possible on the Sales Order Header? I need to update Requested Ship Dates based on a custom field.

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